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Expert advice on keeping your pets cool in the heat this summer


Jul 30, 2022 #dog hacks, #Experts

With unprecedented temperatures across the British Isles, many pet owners are looking for ways to prevent their furry friends from overheating. To help keep things cool, the experts at Jack and Beyond have issued some top advice on ways to keep your dog cool during the heatwave.


Hydrating dog-friendly ‘ice cake’

Hydration is a key concern for pet owners, especially for dogs that aren’t keen on drinking lots of water, so Jack and Beyond’s ice cake recipe is an ideal treat; plus, it can be made from items you already have around the house!


  •     A cylindrical container that will fit in your freezer (a plastic bowl is ideal)
  •     A handful of dog treats
  •     Water
  •     Rubber or plastic dog toys


  1.     Put the toys and treats in the container
  2.     Fill the container with water until it is about two thirds full
  3.     Freeze for several hours
  4.     Remove the ice cake from the mould and turn upside down
  5.     Let your pet enjoy freeing their treats!

For a quick version of this recipe, fill an ice cube tray with water and add a small treat to each cube. Then freeze for refreshingly fun cooling treats!

Simple doggy treat hacks

Jack and Beyond’s expert consultant, Sophia Zimmer, had the following tips for those keen to keep their pets cool this summer:

  • “To bump up the nutritional value of your ice ‘cake’, add some sliced cucumber or chopped kale into your water before you freeze.
  • Frozen treats are an ideal way to help cool down your dog on a hot day. As well as ice-based snacks, why not try freezing some fruit? Frozen bananas, blueberries and apple slices all make a nutritious, cooling treat for your pup.
  • Instead of water, you can also freeze some chicken or beef broth; just make sure it is unsalted to help minimise sodium intake.
  • Remember that portion size depends on the size and needs of your pet, so keep an eye on quantities when treating your pup.”