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All-new power upgrade kits take Puma and Fiesta ST performance to the next level

ByDave Stopher

Nov 29, 2021
  • Power and torque enhanced in the award-winning Puma ST and Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST
  • Two new upgrade packages for Puma ST and one new package for Fiesta ST – m235 and m260
  • m235 and m260 upgrades priced at £575 inc. VAT & £675 inc. VAT
  • For more information, please visit mountunestore.com

Thursday 03 June 2021, Brentwood. Fans of the blue oval can now get even more out of their Puma ST with two new performance upgrade kits – m235 and m260. Fans of the Mk8 Fiesta ST can also take advantage of the m260 performance upgrade, taking both vehicles to the next level of power and performance whilst retaining expert levels of drivability.

A first for the Puma ST is the m235 upgrade kit, applying mountune’s engineering expertise to the much-loved model to boost both power and performance. Easily installed using mountune’s highly-acclaimed Bluetooth OBD dongle and SMARTflash app running on any smartphone or tablet, the m235 upgrade delivers increases in both power and torque by 35 PS and 30 Nm respectively, now boasting a peak power output of 235PS and 350Nm of torque.

For those looking to extract even more performance from their Puma ST, mountune has also developed the m260 upgrade, comprised of the 260PS performance calibration and the recommended induction kit, charge pipe kit, and intercooler. Power is increased to between 250-260PS and 365Nm, significantly enhancing the 1.5L 3-cylinder engine. To give ultimate flexibility whilst using the mTune SMARTflash app, the calibration can be easily reverted to the m235 power upgrade, or standard power level, should it be needed.

The m260 upgrade kit is not restricted to the Puma ST, adding to the success of the Mk8 Fiesta’s m225 and m235 upgrades to bring hot-hatch aficionados an all-new performance kit. Comprising of a mTune SMARTflash software upgrade, the recommended induction kit, charge pipe kit, and intercooler, the m260 kit once again further develops the much-loved model. Peak power output is increased up to a maximum of 260PS with the torque raised to 365Nm, a further increase of up to 25PS and 15Nm over the m235 upgrade and all whilst retaining the factory-equipped GPF and catalyst assemblies. An easy-upgrade path is also available to existing mountune m225 and m235 customers wanting to upgrade to the m260 calibration for just £99 inc. VAT.

Both upgrades have undergone a rigorous testing and development process to once again deliver packages that put the driver firmly in control whilst retaining an OEM+ feel and include as standard a host of additional functionality, like enhanced exhaust output noise, more aggressive launch control, optimised no-lift shift and an anti-theft mode too.

“We are delighted to offer our customers, not one, but two new performance upgrades for both the Puma ST and Mk8 Fiesta ST. The Puma ST has been well received since it launched and we have worked hard to improve the already impressive vehicle, taking its performance to the next level. The two kits launched for this car increase both power and performance whilst retaining an OEM+ feel.”

“The Fiesta ST is a platform that we already know well from our m225 and m235 power upgrades, but m260 really improves this already impressive vehicle even further. Fiesta ST owners are a dedicated bunch who love getting as much performance as they can out of their cars, and we can’t wait to start delivering our latest power upgrade to them.” Explains mountune founder, David Mountain.

As with previous releases, customers can take advantage of mountune’s innovative mTune SMARTflash app, allowing them to install the latest calibration from the comfort of their driveway. Using nothing else but the mTune SMARTflash app on their smartphone and the supplied Bluetooth OBD interface, Fiesta ST owners can completely transform their vehicle.

The intuitive SMARTflash system has been designed to make a selection between different calibrations simple and fast, giving users the freedom to change the vehicle to suit their needs or available fuel quality. The new app also enables mountune customers to effortlessly update their vehicle with the latest calibrations directly from mountune and includes a convenient VIN and calibration ID reader.

PUMA ST owners wishing to install the m235, should purchase the m235 mTune SMARTflash upgrade, complete with Bluetooth OBD interface, and it is recommended that the mountune induction kit is also fitted to extract the maximum performance from the upgrade kit.

Those wishing to purchase the m260 upgrade kit for both the Puma ST and Fiesta ST should purchase the m260 upgrade, mountune induction kit, mountune charge pipe kit, and mountune intercooler.

To achieve the quoted power figures and to maintain engine reliability the recommended hardware should be used and in the case of the m260 power upgrades for both Puma ST and Fiesta ST, mountune recommends that owners should only run the vehicle using super unleaded fuel – 97RON+.

For more information about all power upgrades, please visit mountunestore.com