Microsoft Windows and Office applications unleashed the power of computers to handle routine tasks in office administration. This set off a chain of developments that resulted in multiple applications appearing on the market. However, none have been quite as popular or user-friendly as Microsoft applications. On a different note, the Apple Macintosh caught the imagination of the public and carved out its own niche, with an impressive lineup of products that offered specialized functions and benchmark setting features.

Without going into the merits of each OS or system, it is safe to say that users of Mac who had migrated to the system from Windows systems found it a little difficult to adapt to a different application. However, this has all changed now with Word 2016 now being released for Mac. This is certainly one huge development as it brings two of the biggest names in computer applications together, in a different way, offering services and features that make it convenient for users. Word 2016 is available with some of the more reputed resellers and authorized distributors like

Advances Over Previous Versions Of Word

Microsoft has over the years released different versions of its Office Applications, bringing in new features and functionalities for the convenience of users. And as new developments appeared on the horizon, Microsoft Office applications leveraged the developments to offer better options to customers. For instance, when a cloud appeared on the landscape, Microsoft released microsoft office 2019 professional plus product key, and the subscription-based service offering over the cloud made it easy for users to access the services from different devices and locations. This gave greater freedom to users in addition to the savings in costs that were achieved as a result of the simple subscription offers.

New Features Render Greater Functionality

Word 2016 is a convergence of new features and technology with the traditional user-friendly features of the application. Users can search for options in a simplified and powerful manner, in addition to storing documents on the cloud. This makes it convenient and offers users advantages similar to that of Office 365. And to have all of these features on a Mac makes it all the more appealing. The Mac is known for features that have always served as a benchmark, and the availability of powerful word processing features with cloud storage options makes the application complement the functionality and versatility of the Mac.

Multiple Convenient Options For Getting And Installing Word 2016

Mac users can now get Word 2016 and install it without any hassles. It is available in the traditional physical version as well as subscription-based versions. Subscription-based versions are always a better option, as the updates and patches are a lot more seamless and less time-consuming. Traditional versions may require a comparatively complex procedure for installation and updating versions. And in terms of costs, subscription versions are a better choice as users only get to pay for a period and need not spend on ownership of the product.