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Anna Turley backs bid to extend SSI compensation to rest of workforce

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 13.18.10Labour MP for Redcar, Anna Turley, has backed a bid by Teesside Law Clinic to secure a ‘protected award’ for all former SSI workers who were deprived of a consultation period, following Community Union’s employment tribunal success.

The Law Clinic, based at Teesside University who are being supported by PG Legal Ltd, argue that the award which was granted at the recent ruling brought by Community, should be given to all employees who it applies to.

They are looking into and proposing to submit a multi-claimant claim and are urging everyone who was not in a union but affected by the closure of the Steelworks to contact the clinic as a matter of urgency to make sure they are included. The claim must be submitted as soon as possible and they are hoping that in these circumstances the claim will be accepted.

Anna said:

“Community Union did an outstanding job representing their members and preparing the case to the Tribunal on their behalf. Their efforts show why it is incredibly important that people join a trade union so that they can access this vital support and legal representation when they need it and it demonstrates how the relatively small contributions for membership are a good investment.

I know many of the workers who were not a member of a trade union are disappointed that they have missed out on this compensation for an injustice experienced by all of the workforce.

Teesside Law Clinic’s bid offers another chance to get justice for the failure to consult and I urge everyone affected to contact the clinic immediately to make sure you are a part of the claim.

The fact that this money is having to be pursued by legal means is testament to the Government’s total and abject failure on the closure of SSI.”

Contact Teesside Law Clinic on: T: 01642 738738   E:

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