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Are you driving safe? Two thirds of Brits don’t follow car maintenance rules, survey reveals

Based on driving statistics conducted by ATS Euromaster, alarming figures suggest that two thirds of UK drivers don’t take the recommended precautions when it comes to car maintenance, or comply with European rules when driving abroad.

An ATS Euromaster 2019 UK driver survey has revealed that a shocking two thirds of UK drivers do not take necessary precautions to maintain their car and keep it safe for use on the road. They also don’t comply with European regulations when taking their car overseas. 

The survey conducted by ATS Euromaster asked 2000 British drivers to establish the extent to which they were properly maintaining their vehicle, as well as their driving pet peeves, and whether or not the drivers took required items for driving in European countries such as first aid kits and headlight converters. 

The importance of vehicle checks

Regular maintenance of your car is crucial if you are a road user in both the UK and abroad. Without properly maintaining and inspecting your vehicle, you are more likely to have serious problems with it, which could prove both dangerous and expensive. You risk having to spend more money for each MOT if you leave any problems that arise with your vehicle. By performing frequent maintenance checks on your car, you’ll be able to ensure that it is always safe and drivable. Many owners fail to carry out checks on their vehicle because they either don’t know how to do them, or simply cannot be bothered. Always remember that maintenance checks are not difficult to perform, and can save lives by keeping you much safer on the road. You should carry out the following checks on your vehicle:

– Fluid and engine checks: You should check your oil, engine coolant, water and transmission fluid levels to ensure that they are not too low. If they are too low, you will need to top them up immediately. If you do not carry out frequent engine checks, you risk the car overheating. 

 – Oil changes: Your engine won’t run without oil, so you need to ensure that you always have enough oil for your engine to run well, and ensure that you change your oil every 3000 miles to aid performance. 

– Tyre pressures: You should always check that you have the right amount of air in your tyres. Too much air and your tyres could blow out; too little and they may need to be changed due to wear or damage. Having the right tyre pressure is essential for being safe on the road and being able to control and steer your vehicle. Your vehicle handbook should notify you of the correct tyre pressures for your car. 

– Air filter: If you have a dirty air filter it can greatly affect your engine’s lifespan, as well as the mileage you get out of every tank of petrol. Clean out your engine’s air filter regularly so that it is free from dust and dirt. 

Survey results

ATS Euromaster found in its survey that 67% of vehicle owners do not check their car’s tyre tread depth each month. The survey also revealed that 39% of vehicle owners under 45 have purchased part-worn tyres. 61% of those who took part in the survey would however have an annual MOT carried out, even if it wasn’t a legal requirement to use the road.  

Using your car abroad

Some drivers are not aware of what is expected of them and the requirements for driving on European roads. Requirements differ from country to country, but it is always important to research the rules to ensure that you do not get stopped and potentially fined by authorities when driving in Europe. According to the same ATS Euromaster survey, 53% of British drivers don’t carry a warning triangle in their car, while 47% don’t carry a first aid kit, which is a requirement in many countries. 60% don’t have reflective jackets for every traveller in their car, and 61% don’t have a GB sticker or other identification on their vehicle. Alarmingly, 73% of British drivers don’t bring headlight beam deflectors, which are essential as they prevent other drivers on European roads from being dazzled by left-hand beams from British cars.   

Do you maintain your vehicle properly? 

We all have busy lives, so we can all be guilty of accidentally forgetting to carry out crucial routine checks on our vehicles now and then. But it is these checks that keeps us and other road-users safe. High percentages of road users surveyed didn’t carry out vital checks on their vehicles. 61% didn’t check their oil levels or tyre pressures every month, even though it is recommended. 50% of men don’t, while 69% of women don’t. 31% of men have purchased or have considered purchasing part-worn tyres, while 28% of women have purchased or have considered purchasing part-worn tyres. If you’re guilty of falling into this category, it’s time to start changing your approach and vehicle maintenance routine, checking your vehicle regularly to make sure it is safe to drive – it could save you a lot of hassle and money in the long-run.  




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