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AVID Technology Group highlights the benefits of new CO2 regulations for Trucks

Award-winning North East-based automotive clean-tech firm AVID Technology is calling on heavy duty vehicle manufacturers to utilise its expertise in meeting the recent European Commission legislation for mandatory reductions in CO2 emissions.

The announcement, a European first, means businesses manufacturing heavy trucks, must deliver the two-step reductions of 15% by 2025 and 30% by 2030.  Meanwhile, lighter 7.5 Ton trucks, coaches and buses will be included from 2022.

The legislation is designed to tackle CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles and is seen as key to tackling climate change, because heavy duty vehicles cover huge distances each year, consuming substantial amounts of fuel and the corresponding CO2 emissions are very high.

The new legislation is likely to increase the base cost of these vehicles because new technology will be required to improve efficiency, however these costs will be offset by improved fuel consumption for the fleet operator.

It will also create enhanced incentives for fully electrified vehicles. If manufacturers fail to meet the targets they will face stiff fines from the EU. The new legislation is a huge incentive and ensures a level playing field for all manufacturers, which should encourage investment and innovation in a very cost sensitive market.

From its base in Cramlington, Northumberland, AVID specialises in the design, validation and manufacture of electrified powertrain components and systems for heavy-duty; high-performance electric (EV); and hybrid vehicles (HEV).

Ryan Maughan, managing director of AVID Technology Group Ltd, said: “The new CO2 emissions mandate is good news for us and everyone who lives in the European Union. Reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption for heavy-duty vehicles is a very positive step in fighting climate change and follows overall global trends.

“It presents a great opportunity for AVID through our expertise in designing, developing and bringing to the market technology that delivers powertrain electrification. We can help manufacturers hit the 15% and 30% targets with our electrified components and systems. We live in a world where pollution, climate change and energy consumption are continuing to be hot topics, not only costing businesses and consumers but also putting the planet at risk.

“Everyone at AVID is committed to delivering a cleaner, greener future through the design and delivery of world-leading, energy efficient, electrified powertrain and propulsion technology. We are continually investing in providing technical solutions for our customers by making products that will benefit business and make a positive difference to the environment.”

AVID has been advocating vehicle electrification to improve air quality and reduce climate change since 2005. Its reputation as one of the most advanced and skilled businesses in the electric vehicle sector led to the company being selected to work on a £20 million government-funded clean-tech environmental project in 2017. The project is aimed specifically at increasing the number of hybrid vans and lorries on UK roads in order to reduce damaging vehicle emissions and improve air quality. The company counts most major truck original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the EU as its customers.

To find out more about how AVID Technology can help businesses adapt to the reductions in CO2 emissions, please check out the AVID blog at:

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