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BBdoll silicone sex doll head review

ByDave Stopher

Nov 22, 2021

Are you looking for the perfect silicone sex doll head that you can kiss or do some naughty sex plays with? Or perhaps you are simply looking for a spare silicone or TPE sex doll head that you can swap to get a different sexual sensation with your sex doll? It is actually possible to buy a separate sex doll head for your love doll to suit your romantic and sexual fantasies.

Sex doll heads are made from two main types of material: TPE and silicone. With silicone sex doll rapidly growing in popularity, today we will give you a comprehensive review of the silicone sex doll head from BBdoll.

Bbdoll is a well-known and highly regarded sex doll manufacturer that specializes in the manufacture of premium quality silicone sex dolls of all types. The company makes a diverse variety of silicone sex dolls including Japanese sex dolls, black or tan sex dolls, anime sex dolls as well as US and EU sex dolls. With BBdoll, you can customize your sex doll selection and buy a sex doll that you find to be most attractive and sexiest, guaranteed to turn you on and give you maximum sexual fulfilment.

The company manufacturers its silicone sex dolls and sex doll heads to a very high standard. BBdoll designs and tests its sex dolls for three years before it rolls it out to the marketplace. The products are, therefore, made to a very high quality and functional standard. When you buy a BBdoll silicone sex doll, you will get the experience of having a real human companion with the hottest and most Instagrammable body you can imagine. The company goes out of its way to ensure all its products are perfect by the time they roll into the market.

While the company sells full sex dolls, it also has a large selection of silicone sex doll heads. BBdoll has considerable experience with selling its sex doll heads. It sells a large amount of them to very rave reviews. Everything has been nicely done in the BBdoll sex doll heads including the hair, eyes, eyebrows and overall face structure and quality of the skin.

Here are some top reasons why the BBdoll sex doll head is one of the best in the market: –

100% made of silicone

BBdoll is a top brand name in the manufacture of realistic silicone sex dolls so it is a no-brainer that they also make top quality silicone sex doll heads. The company has perfected its silicone sex doll technique and makes sex doll heads which are not only practical but which are also realistic and give you an individual and human-like sexual experience. The silicone is durable, environmentally-friendly, easy to clean, and easy to apply makeup on. The BBdoll silicone sex doll heads will therefore give you maximum sexual delight that will drive you to a very fulfilling peak. The silicone material will give you sexual ordeals that are very close to genuine sex with real humans. This is all thanks to BBdoll’s technology, technique and rigorous quality and testing standards when it comes to the manufacture of sex dolls. The silicone material is also relatively safe and harmless compared to the plastic TPE. In fact, silicone is so safe that it is even used on breast implants!

The head made of silicone gives better feeling

Thanks to the aforementioned qualities, the BBdoll head made from silicone can give you a better feeling and drive you to a climax. It doesn’t contain oil and its realistic make will drive you to your sexual peak, both physically and psychologically.

Natural hair implants

BBdoll Silicone sex doll heads don’t wear a wig like TPE material. The hair is organically implanted and genuinely looks like that of a real human which adds to the attraction and sexual magic. This is also good from a maintenance perspective. It is just like the head and hair of a real woman! Fake hair can be a put off for many men and can lower their libido.

Implanted eyebrows

The implanted eyebrow in the BBdoll silicone sex doll is just as organic as that of a real woman. It is not a drawing like that of a plastic sex doll. This realism plays an important in the mental part of the sexual intercourse and will give you the feeling of a genuine sexual intercourse with a human rather than of masturbation. There are so many things that trigger men to a sexual climax and this genuine womanly feel is part of the complex cocktail that drives our minds and hormones to enjoy fulfilling sex. The BBdoll offers you that.

4-layer makeup on face

The BBdoll silicone sex doll head also features a four-layer makeup on the face that makes the face look more natural and real. As already explained, this is an important part of the sexual activity that helps drive your sex drive and takes you to a sexual peak.

Compatible with different sex dolls

The BBdoll silicone sex doll head also has great compatibility with a host of BBdoll sex dolls so if you want it on top of some gorgeous BBdoll that you purchased earlier, you can easily fit it there to fulfill your sexual fantasy and drive yourself to peak orgasm.

Over 30 Sex Doll Head Choices

One of the advantages with BBdoll silicone sex doll heads is that you can choose from a large selection of heads. The company has more than 30 heads of silicone dolls including Asian, US and EU doll heads so no matter your preference, there is something in there for you.

Lifelike Eyes

This is something that you may not find with the TPE sex dolls. However, BBDoll takes it a notch higher with lifelike eyes of the sex dolls that give you a genuine feeling that a sexy someone is staring in your eyes as you are having sex with her.

General size

BBdoll silicone sex doll heads comes in a general size that will fit most of the sex doll bodies in the market. You won’t have to worry about the sex doll head not giving you a snug fit. They also fit easily so you will not be fumbling with it when swapping the head to another doll.

Why many people buy sex doll heads?

Why would you need a sex doll head if you already have a full-sized genuine looking sex doll?

It all boils down to men’s preferences. If you, particularly, prefer to have multiple sex doll partners, then there are high chances that you may want to purchase additional sex doll heads that you can swap in different love dolls to get a particular kind of sexual feeling depending on your moods. With more sex doll heads, you can get different sex doll looks and won’t grapple with the monotony of fucking the same sex doll every day. The BBdoll sex doll heads can match any bodies so swapping them will be a complete breeze.

One body many heads is an economical plan

This is particularly so if you are a newbie in the world of the sex dolls and want to test the quality first before you invest in premium sex dolls. A BBdoll sex doll head costs just $399 while a full sex doll will set you back anywhere from $1,699 to $1,799. You can start by trying the doll head for cheap before you spend your money on a full sex doll. Besides, if you want to try sex with different types of sex dolls, it is cheaper to buy one sex doll and multiple silicone sex doll heads as this will help you save thousands of dollars.

Buy a silicone sex doll head just for makeup

If you just want a beautiful sex doll that you can makeup, it is economical to just buy the sex doll head that you can apply different kinds of makeup on and then take photos of it. This can also come in handy if you are showcasing your makeup skills to your Instagram followers.