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BEST 10 PLACES TO VISIT IN CYPRUS: You Won’t Regret to Come!

Cyprus not only has an interesting historical story to tell, but it also has a beautiful brushstroke of a panoramic view that leaves people speechless. You will fall in love with the atmosphere and scenery that surrounds you wherever you go in this country. The island’s unique culture and the warm hospitality of its people are the main draws for foreign tourists who come to spend their summer vacation on this island. The clear skies, stunning beaches, luxury Cyprus properties, and local delicacies are worth coming back to.

Time flies a little in the city which has been known as a port city since it was first founded. In the holiday season, Larnaca will be crowded with foreign visitors entering via the Larnaca International Airport. On the one hand, Larnaca is a modern city, but it also exudes an atmosphere of the old city by the sea. Narrow cobbled streets like old cities on the European continent will take us to a maze of cities full of souvenir shops, bars, and places to eat, as well as traditional markets that are only open on weekends. Agios Lazaros is alive with various attractions, al fresco restaurants, and tourists who go back and forth enjoying the sunshine in the blue sky.

Finikoudes Beach is indeed a destination for tourists to relax on its white and fine sand. Due to the beauty of this beach that faces the south of the Mediterranean Sea, Finikoudes is a must for honeymooners who would enjoy a romantic getaway by the beach. Not far from this beach, there is a city square with a brownstone church background standing majestically between two large roads on the left and right. This is the Church of Saint Lazarus which is a tourist attraction that cannot be missed when you’re visiting Larnaca.

Larnaca is a unique place, even flamingos go on vacation in this city when they migrate from cold countries. West of the city, Larnaca Lake is a haven for these long, pink-legged birds from their long journey. This collection of flamingos certainly provides an attractive attraction for visiting tourists. Those who have never seen a flamingo, of course, will think, where did these hundreds of tropical birds come from and why did they gather in this place?

On one side of the lake, which is overgrown with green trees and calm views, an old mosque, Hala Sultan Tekke—a legacy of the Ottoman era—is a silent witness to the history of the spread of Islam in Cyprus. On one side of the mosque, there is also an old tomb which is visited by many visitors and is one of the historical sites that cannot be passed.

Visiting Cyprus is not complete without driving the island’s southern route which takes tourists past its beautiful beaches. After a filling lunch at Governor’s Beach, it would be nice to visit the city of Limassol. Limassol Marina, which used to be a bustling port, is now transformed into a tourist spot full of restaurants and large public spaces for just a nice afternoon walk. The marina is connected by pedestal walks along the coast that leads to the tourist area on the east side of the port.

To the west, more historical heritage sites can be found. One of them is Kourion or Curium which is an archaeological site because it was the capital of the Ancient Roman Empire on the island. Visiting Kourion, it seemed as if you’ll be invited to a flashback and witness the lives of ancient people through the remains that are still preserved today. Apart from villas, public baths, and ruins of the former city that occupy this archaeological area, an amphitheater stands majestically overlooking the open sea. It is quite unique that the history of the amphitheater was once a place for gladiators to fight but later changed its function to become a performance venue with perfect acoustics. Visitors can sit on the tallest rows of stone chairs and can still hear the clatter of coins being dropped onto the floor of the amphitheater more than a hundred meters below.

The island of Cyprus is famous for its pretty colors that makes it full of energy. It is also known for its rich cultural history. Coral Bay itself was once the settlement of the Mycenaean people who lived almost thousands of years ago. This small town located in a quiet bay offers a beautiful view of the sunset and the golden moment. No wonder this city facing west is not only a favorite vacation spot for tourists, but many of them buy houses or condos and settle there.

The western side of the island of Cyprus is indeed decorated with various natural views of marine life. On the west coast, there is also Ayios Georgios tis Pegas or Turtle Beach where Mediterranean turtles come to lay their eggs. Meanwhile, Greek mythology records that on this plain, there is a pond and waterfall where the Goddess Aphrodite bathed and where she met Mars, her lover. There are many more stories that make the Akamas Peninsula an area to visit not only because of its location which offers a wide variety of beautiful landscapes, but also unique small villages where visitors can experience the distinctive flavors of Cypriot people in the most authentic way.

In the middle of the Akamas plains, the village of Letymbou lies halfway from the northernmost edge to the town of Paphos on the southern Akamas Peninsula. In this village, there is a chef who is very famous for the taste of typical Cypriot cuisine. She is Mrs. Sofia, and she even has her own cookbook. Dishes such as halloumi, which are the mainstay of the people on the island, bread baked directly on the stove, various dishes of mutton and salads, and refreshing fruit cooked are cooked in her delightful garden in front of her house. Surely, this has become one of the attractions for tourists visiting Cyprus—to be able to enjoy original menus that are cooked by the experts themselves.

Every place you visit, of course, has interesting local specialties to try. However, Cyprus offers a variety of flavors that are unique due to the location and history of the country. Meze is a local dish from Cyprus which is divided into fish meze or meat meze. How to enjoy it is unique and provides a pleasant experience. First, we have to choose what to eat. If you want to eat fish meze, then we have to go to a restaurant that serves fish meze, and vice versa with meat meze. Enjoying meze in Cyprus is an experience in itself for those who have never enjoyed it because apart from salad and haloumi as appetizers, we will never know what kind of taste the meal will be served in front of us.

Nicosia is known as the island’s largest city. The city has a lot to offer if you would like to get a real taste of Cypriot life. You need to visit the Shacolas Tower Museum & Observatory, the Selimiye Mosque, and the Cyprus Museum. Anamma, which has the best food and a beautiful garden, is a great place to grab a bite to eat.

Where ever you are in Cyprus, try to enjoy every moment and collect everything in your box of treasured memories.

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