Call centers all over the world are making it easier to work from home with the emergence of updated software that anyone can download and use. The best software in 2019 has to offer different products, an all-purpose platform and various outside software integrations. Call center software from Bright Pattern does this. Bright Pattern’s call center solution is cloud-based and easy to use. The software is so easy to use that even a novice user can become an expert user in no time. 

Bright Pattern products

Bright Pattern offers a variety of products to ensure that you’re able to deliver the best customer service and call center solutions for your products. The product offers clear-cut cloud-based solutions for customer service calls, sales and marketers, inbound call centers and outbound call centers. If there’s a need, the software also provides artificial intelligence assistance and bots, which can be used for visually impaired users. Each Bright Pattern product was created with the user in mind; the software is easy to use and allows for less training and onboarding time.

Omnichannel platform

Unlike multichannel platforms, omnichannel platforms were designed with the user experience in mind. The interface allows the user to engage the customers across multiple avenues at the same time. The Bright Pattern omnichannel platform allows the user to make voice calls, use email integrations, send text messages, webchat, and make video calls. The software also offers in-app customer support chatbots, which are a great solution for offering an application to support your product or service. Chatbots are the easiest solution to get ahead of the game when it comes to anticipating customer support. The omnichannel platform integrates messaging applications into the Bright Pattern software for popular social media sites such as Facebook, Viber, LINE, Telegrams as well as bots and Artificial Intelligence or AI for messengers. Companies have been spending millions of dollars on artificial intelligence for their products. Integrating AI helps users who are technologically challenged, those who aren’t familiar with products but are great in sales and service, and those who are visually impaired. 


To make the software solution easier to use, Bright Pattern designed integrations to coordinate with the software. These integrations can be used to provide a sales platform with Salesforce and use customer service software such as Zendesk or Oracle Service Cloud to enhance the customer services you provide. Other integrations that are offered with the omnichannel platform are Microsoft Dynamics 365, ServiceNow, WFO and WFM Integrations and CRM Integrations Comparison. These integrations are the best of their class and will only enhance your user-based platform when they’re integrated. 

Call center solutions are becoming more and more competitive. If you’re looking for a great platform that’s reliable and offers the best tools for your agents, look no further than Bright Pattern. Chatbots are the future of customer service, and they allow the users to express their needs without having to wait. Getting ahead of wait time and anticipating the needs of your clients is key. Software integration is helpful for delivering the best user-based experience, especially for experienced software users. The less training time and user troubleshooting time, the better your customer service will be. When the user experience is excellent, the agents will be better able to deliver better service to your customer base. Get the right software for you to sustain your customer base and keep them happy. Get the Bright Pattern Software now.