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Best cannabis strains for Your medical condition

ByDave Stopher

Jul 24, 2019 #health

An alternative choice

Having a medical condition that seriously prohibits you from having a decent quality of life is something millions of people struggle with every day. The medical conditions in question varies in nature but the common denominator is that you are hindered in experiencing all that life has to offer. You might be in chronic pain, suffer from depression, have been diagnosed with cancer or perhaps you have been suffering from sleep deprivation for a number of years. What continues to escape you is how to levitate the different types of pain that is associated with each medical condition. A novel idea to this type of issue might be to look into what can best be described as a somewhat controversial topic. Banned in many countries it has become accepted in even more. Medical cannabis has surged though societal debates as a serious alternative to more traditional medications when it comes to curing different ailments. Of course you should always consult a professional regarding any medical condition you might suffer from, but it might not be such a bad idea to expand your horizon when it comes to pain alleviation. One site that offers a range of different options when it comes to medical cannabis seeds is Seedsman. If you are a novice to the world of medical cannabis seeds, it’s always wise to read up on the facts. Once you have, a browsing through Seedsman’s catalogue is going to be well worth your while.

Different types of seeds for different types of conditions

Cancer – the abnormal cell division invade tissues in the body and can spread rapidly to different parts through the blood and lymph system. Altering the production of healthy cells by causing them to divide too quickly and mutate, causing havoc. Various studies have shown that cannabis can have a positive effect as to alleviate some symptoms caused by cancer, such as pain.

Recommended seeds – Hash Plant CBD Feminised Seeds, Peach Puree CBD Feminised Seeds – 5 or Lee Roy Regular Seeds – 12.

Alzheimer’s Disease – a chronic neurodegenerative disease that deteriorates over time, causing much distress for the person affected. Forgetfulness, mood swings, not managing self-care and other various behavioural issues are all common symptoms. Some studies argue that modulation of the cannabinoid system could be part of the suggested treatment of neurodegeneration.

Recommended seeds – Sweet Coffee Ryder Auto Feminised Seeds, Suzy – Q (High CBD) Feminised Seeds or Gobbstopper Regular Seeds.

Anxiety – an internal disorder with a combination of nervous behaviours, muscular tension, fatigue, restlessness and somatic complaints which affects more and more people, almost becoming a societal illness. Many have already opted to try medical marijuana as an alternative when it comes to battling anxiety and it has proven to be quite helpful.

Recommended seeds – Shark Shook CBD Feminised Seeds, Candida (CD – 1) Feminised Seeds or Lithium OG Kush Feminised Seeds – 5.

Epilepsy – a collective name for neurological diseases which all displays itself through epileptic seizures. Grand mal or Petit mal seizures affect the person suffering from epilepsy in different ways and may cause bruising and momentarily loss of feeling in limbs. The effect of cannabis on epileptic symptoms have been positive and continued research is being carried out to prove its potential long-lasting influence.

Recommended seeds – Candida (CD – 1) Feminised Seeds, Peach Puree CBD Feminised Seeds – 5 or MED GOM CBD Auto Feminised Seeds – 3.

Insomnia – considered to be either a standalone illness or a symptom of other mental and physical conditions. Using cannabis to tackle insomnia has proven to be quite successful as it relaxes the mind and body, making it easier to embrace new sleeping patterns.

Recommended seeds – Bubba Kush Feminised Seeds or Black Sugar Feminised Seeds.

A decent quality of life

The medical conditions mentioned here, which symptoms may be improved by the use of different types of cannabis seeds, are only a selection of the many conditions and corresponding seeds that are available. Research has proven that there are indeed positive medical benefits from using cannabis. As such the demand for strains that contain holistic medical properties have skyrocketed. Of course you will need to choose the right cannabis seed for your own individual medical condition. Perhaps you have a medical condition that requires a low thc strains seed or cannabis oil for cancer spots, whichever it is, by browsing Seedsman you will find what you need. If you suffer from a medical condition and you find yourself at a loss for how to proceed, perhaps trying medical cannabis might be a good option for you. If you are a newcomer to the field, you will need to dive into the research responsibly and thoroughly. Picking the right strain of seed is a science and must be conducted with caution. With that said, there is no reason not to seek out council and consequently try this form of treatment. It might be the thing that will help you finally have a decent quality of life.

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