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Best Education Startups of 2019

ByDave Stopher

Mar 26, 2020 #Business

Though technology has changed the shape of every industry and the way we used to operate in the past, the sector that has extremely influenced and benefitted by technology is education. Today we are not only attending the digital training programs but accessing the incredible amount of content sitting in the comfort of our home. Our dream to be a part of an international university is not merely a dream.

Education Technology is growing at a rapid pace and can be judged by the fact that, by 2020, the value of this industry will reach around $129 billion.

Though there are a countless number of education startups that are beneficial for students and institutions, here is the list of some of the most inventive, popular, and fastest-growing education startups.


Now to do a course, you don’t have to bear the cost of traveling, stay away from your family for weeks if it’s outside your city. Even you don’t have to leave your home to get certified for the skill you want. Now you can build your capacity and learn whatever you want through Coursera. Founded in 2012, courser is a U.S. Based Online Learning Program that offers several courses online, specialization in a field and provides certificates. This Coursera creates linkages with companies and universities to offer courses in multiple disciplines.  Course content includes lectures, quizzes, exercise just as it happens in the ordinary classroom setting. Its success is evident from the fact that now they are offering a full master’s degree program.


Founded by Dr. William Ballhaus, Blackboard helps your educational institution to use innovative technologies & services for addressing their most critical educational challenges. It offers several successful solutions to assist students to perform according to the best of their abilities. It is a complete package for the education sector that can address any issue, such as attracting students and planning a successful marketing campaign; it offers customized market research and provides data for making an informed decision. Not only this, if the institute is facing issues, such as the declining rate of student retention and less workforce, they offer programs for engaging students through mobile along with customized interventions to work with a student. Also, various tools are developed for the teachers to perform best in the classroom and get connected to the students in a more effective and personalized manner outside the classroom setting.


Headquartered in  Manhattan, New York City, the Knewton is a platform that permits schools to offer adaptive learning to the student, along with identifying each student’s particular strengths and weaknesses. The platform, which is made affordable to the students, creates custom suggestions while working on an assignment based on students’ abilities and requirements. Therefore, it is an absolute college homework help for many students by making their work better. They won’t claim, “I paid someone to write my essay.”

Primo Toys

This is a London based education Toy Company that teaches little kids to learn and play at the same time using technology. It helps teach them to be creative and learn the basics of robotics.  A wooden robot known as Cubetto is the most popular character used for learning. Children are also able to learn programming at home and in the classroom using primo toy techniques. This is comprised of blocks, storybooks, and maps. Kids send Cubetto on various adventures that involve those storybooks and maps.

Although these education startups are benefiting students in many ways and creating a conducive learning environment for students so that they will not use the services of writing companies and order essay online.

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