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Best Halloween Themed Games You Can Play

ByDave Stopher

Feb 3, 2023

As with everything else about Halloween, spookier is always better. And if that applies to the décor, costumes, and all other activities, why not expect it from our gaming jaunts as well?

For bettors, the holiday need not be boring. There are plenty of online Halloween-themed video or casino games that you can try out this season.

The following are five of the fan favorites.

Vikings Go to Hell

Fans of Viking Runecraft will undoubtedly enjoy Vikings Go to Hell.

While the former version has received a sterling 4-star review from casinogorilla.com, this latest installment provides just as many exciting features; and Halloween twists thrown in.

It is an online casino game that promises higher effervescence and elasticity, with six bonus features and increased chances of winning.

Resilience is essential, as players who manage to get to the underworld get to enjoy the Berzerk 2-level free spins. If applied wisely, these spins could lead to the successful opening of the gates of hell, where you get to conquer Luficif and earn a bonus 3x multiplier.

All these stack up and substantially increase your winnings.


Nothing to do with getting our minds into the gutter. BDSM (or Big Drunk Satanic Massacre) is a game set in hell. The protagonist (Big Lou) has a simple enough mission- to score some booze and rescue a dazzling damsel along the way.

The gothic vibe and spooky elements (such as skeletons and regular kills) make for a great Halloween play.

Of course, hell would be incomplete without its main villain-Satan; who, in a welcome twist, happens to be Big Lou’s dad.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by daylight is a video game that revolves around group survival, in line with the traditional horror film themes of teamwork for survival.

It is a multiplayer game in which a team of four survivors need to overcome a monstrous villain out to kill them.

To do so, the team must find and activate four generators that are randomly placed within the platform. Next, they need to stealthily find some equally randomly generated exits without making a sound.

While the killer can see the team’s location through their heat signatures, the four members of the group have no idea where the monster is. In the event one is captured, the killer slays them and suspends their bodies on hooks, hence the game’s appeal among Halloween enthusiasts.

Mortal Kombat 11

Gory blood scenes and heightened violence are the hallmarks of Mortal Kombat 11. This recent sequel is gorier than its predecessors and its fatality rate is at its highest yet.

Despite all the bloodiness at the finish line, the game’s players come decked in cool costumes.

The most appealing aspect about the game is its overhanded violence, with even the simplest of blows resulting in a bloodbath.

Resident Evil 3

Another game centered around the subject of survival is this third installment from the Resident Evil franchise.

It places the player in the position of controlling Jill Valentine, a member of Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) who has to battle mortal threat from Nemesis, her enemy.

Offering you a slight change of pace are the game’s other mods, which feature characters such as Shrek, Isabelle, and Thomas the Tank.

Besides the obvious horrors that the game comes packed with, it also features very realistic looking avatars.