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Best IoT Solutions for Healthcare

ByDave Stopher

Nov 10, 2023

IoT-powered programs, or the Internet of Things, are making significant inroads across various commercial sectors, owing to the rapid advancements in robotics. It is anticipated to increase at a 12.32% annual pace, reaching a market size of US$167.70 billion by 2028.

To ensure that your products are highly reliable and efficient, it is imperative to collaborate with experienced developers who not only possess exceptional practical skills but also a deep understanding of current engineering trends and market expectations.

In this post, we aim to discuss the key attributes of applications tailored for the industry and offer valuable insights on selecting the best providers.

What is IoMT?

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is a network of interconnected gadgets designed to give organizations, personnel, and clients improved access to data. One of the most crucial things that these systems can provide is ongoing status monitoring and the capability to notify physicians in case of an emergency.

They are useful for tracking people’s wellbeing, taking heart rates, calculating steps, and even reminding users to take medications. It’s a proactive method to improve and simplify the provision of care, leading to a more quality lifestyle. This groundbreaking innovation sets a new standard in treatment, potentially saving thousands of lives.

Common Types of Internet of Medical Things

IT companies are bringing a wider variety of innovative items to the market, such as robotics and machine learning functions. Statistics show that by the year 2032, AI is expected to reach a value of approximately USD 626.64 billion, experiencing a remarkable compound annual growth rate of 39.3%.

Hospitals worldwide are increasingly adopting various strategies to increase the productivity of their facilities and optimize their workflow. Now let’s go through the most useful and widespread features.

  • Tracking and Controlling Chronic Illnesses

Specialized tools make it feasible to display the condition of people with chronic illnesses around-the-clock and identify more effective symptom management strategies. These specialized instruments provide ongoing observation and offer insightful information for more effectively handling chronic conditions.

  • Remote Observation of Patients

Smart tools equipped with a range of sensors can map vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate. Personnel can get automated notifications when significant changes are identified.

  • Administration of Health Gadgets

Smart trackers are a useful tool for hospitals to keep an eye on the whereabouts and operational status of their equipment. With the use of this information, they are able to promptly schedule maintenance as well as locate specific equipment in an emergency.

  • Keeping an Eye on Mental Health

Special systems can be used to indicate the health and mood of people with psychiatric issues. Additionally, they are useful for alerting professionals to worrying conditions that could result in harm or death.

The Top Healthcare IoT Solutions Companies

The success of your project is heavily reliant on the outstanding quality of your application, as it significantly influences your choice when selecting the ideal development partner. The apparent rise in demand for quality care represents the next phase of the industry’s digital transformation.

Undoubtedly, both clients and physicians stand to gain significant benefits from this emerging trend. Here, you can find a list of top-tier organizations renowned for their exceptional professional expertise and the high-quality work they deliver.

CleverDev Software

IoT-based applications provide innovative advantages to patients and care teams alike. CleverDev Software assists international businesses in establishing effective IoT solution for healthcare that are necessary to hasten the adoption of these technologies in medicine and generate value on a large scale. CleverDev tech experts state: “It will reduce the expenses associated with managing chronic diseases, improve care, and open the door for more widely available telemedicine”.

KORE Wireless

KORE is a company dedicated to crafting creative approaches to address real-world challenges. Their product lineup includes mobile emergency response systems and distance diagnostic solutions.

Additionally, KORE provides user-friendly home care applications and seamless integration programs for remote tracking, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to meet various business needs.


With its headquarters in the US and more than 20 years of expertise, this firm is well-known for its excellent eHealth services. In addition to providing operating systems that comply with HIPAA, PCI, and FDA regulations, the firm has created robust functions for insurance verification.

The Velvetech team creates cutting-edge IoMT applications and cloud infrastructure that may provide improved performance for all kinds of facilities.


Mindbowser places a particular emphasis on the wellness sector, offering a wide range of applications designed to assist people, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies.

Furthermore, this establishment provides state-of-the-art real-time data collection and continuous indication programs that can be seamlessly integrated into smart health tools.


Softeq is one of the most well-regarded IoT solutions in healthcare, known for its exceptional expertise and specializations in a wide range of options. Established over two decades ago, the venture has demonstrated consistent growth over the years.

Softeq’s product portfolio includes a diverse range of offerings, such as drug trackers, vital sign displays, and hospital automation systems.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, technology’s expansion within the medicine industry is a noticeable trend. This growth has the potential to enhance the productivity and efficiency of hospital staff significantly. As a result, the potential benefits that IoT healthcare solutions offer to businesses should not be underestimated.

Specialized facilities can greatly improve their ability to diagnose and treat individuals effectively by collaborating with the right technological company. Indeed, the process of identifying the ideal tech partner is of utmost importance.

Each company has its own unique processes, making it somewhat challenging to determine whether they align with your specific needs and goals. Therefore, conducting a comprehensive market study is highly advisable before making any pivotal decisions. When you finally make a well-informed choice, it will significantly influence the success of your healthcare initiatives.