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Best Student Cities in the World

ByDave Stopher

Jun 24, 2020

Studying abroad becomes a trend in recent years. Students in many countries like China choose to go to another country to experience different culture and further their study. Doubtlessly, this is a good way to develop one person but the premise is that you have chosen the right study city and a right university. Here, in order to help you choose the right student city and school more effectively, we will introduce 5 best student cities in the world to you.

1. London

London has been ranked first in the world’s best study abroad cities for two consecutive years, and it is the most preferred city for students to study abroad.

London’s numerous world-class universities, rich professional and employment opportunities, and inclusive and diverse culture are all additional points. As the capital of the United Kingdom, London is not only an academic center, but also a center of international finance, business, culture and innovation. It firmly focuses on the eyes of global students.

However, for many international students, the cost of choosing London will be much higher than other cities. Expensive house rents and living costs are also facts that many international students have to face.

But in the same way, other aspects of London are also at the forefront of the world. The concentration of various high-quality resources is likely to be worth the money for international students who choose to study in London.

2. Tokyo

In the QS ranking of the world’s best study abroad cities, Tokyo ranks first in Asia, ranking second only to London in the world. In terms of popularity and employer activity, Tokyo scored a perfect score of 100, ranking first in the world. This is a bustling city with a large population. At the same time, it is one of the three largest financial centers in the world alongside New York and London. As one of the world’s three major financial centers, Tokyo provides international students with a diverse, international living environment and professional employment internship opportunities. Tokyo has consistently ranked first in the world in terms of employer activity indicators.

3. Melbourne

In the ranking of the best study abroad cities, Melbourne is usually on the list. As Australia’s cultural capital and one of the world’s livable cities, Melbourne has one of the world’s most diverse student communities, which attracts a large number of international students. In addition, Melbourne has many excellent universities which top in Australia and even in the world, such as The University of Melbourne, Monash University, Deakin University, Victorian University, La Trobe University, RMIT University and so on. (To know more about these universities, you can go to the page: Best Universities in Melbourne). Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia. It is always among the best in the world’s most livable cities. However, Melbourne, like other cities in Australia, has high tuition and cost of living. However, compared with the costs in the cities of the United States and United Kingdom, the tuition fees of Australian schools are much cheaper.

4. Munich

Speaking of Munich, many people would think of the grand occasion of the Oktoberfest which attracts countless tourists from all over the world every October. But apart from the Oktoberfest, Munich is also a very popular city for studying abroad. No matter you are a national student or international student, you don’t need to pay the tuition fees if you study in a public university in German, which is undoubtedly very attractive for international students. In addition, the cost of living in Germany is lower than in other countries in Western Europe. However, the cost of living in Munich is slightly higher than in Berlin. Check HousingAnywhere to find affordable housing options in Munich.

5. Berlin

Just like in Munich, no matter what country you come from, there is no tuition fee for undergraduate studies in public universities in Berlin. Although Berlin’s top universities are not as many as London and Paris, Berlin’s low cost of living makes it quite competitive in the list of study abroad cities. In addition, in recent years, universities in Berlin have opened more and more English-taught degrees, providing more options for international students, which makes it more and more popular around the world.

These are 5 best student cities in the world. If you plan to study abroad, you can first consider the schools in these cities. As for finding schools, you can make use of CatEight to easily achieve your goal. It is a professional as well as powerful school search and application tool that can assist you to choose and apply for a school with ease.