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Best UK Wedding Photographers

Your wedding day will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable days of your life. And like anyone else on this planet, you would want to cherish those moments forever. This crucial task to capture your special moments is given to wedding photographers.

A good wedding photographer can capture the essence of your holy matrimony with his lens. That’s why it is important that the wedding photographer your book, knows what is expected from him and how to deliver it. And don’t worry, there are lots of good camera artists there in your neighborhood. So, even if the big day is right around the corner and you haven’t booked any photographer yet, you can easily book one. To save you from the hassle of scouring the web for good wedding photographers, we decided to list some of the best camera artists based on the UK.

Please note that our list is not based on their capability or experience. That being said, here are the best of the best wedding photographers that you can book for your wedding day –

1.    Alan Law

Style – Documentary

Alan Law is that type of photographer who collects the moment in a documentary style. From the first dance of bride and groom to the inside jokes among the guests, his cameras capture everything so that you get those moments chronologically as they happened.

2.     Freckle Photography

Style – Contemporary

Emma Latham is the leading lady behind Freckle Photography and rightfully so. Her style is contemporary. From one small incident to your big “I do”, Freckle Photography captures it all with their sense of contemporary camera magic. Trust us, you won’t get bored looking at your wedding photos even after years of your marriage.

3.     Chris Barber Photography

Style – Alternative

If you have attended many weddings or saw many photo albums recently, you must have come across those common poses. And if you are anything like us, you must hate those cliché poses. Fret not, cause Chris Barber Photography is here with the commitment to deliver you the tiniest of emotions poured by your loved ones on the special day.

4.     Jonny Draper

Style – Contemporary

Do you know what makes a person good at his job? His passion. That’s why Jonny Draper is good at what he does. His contemporary style allows you to revisit those crazy moments with your loved ones over and over. Once you get to see his work, you will fall for his mastery with the camera.

5.     The Crawleys

Style – Reportage

On your big day, the room might be filled with hundreds of people. Each and every one of them is an individual character in your life and Liam & Bee Crawley are the guys who can portray their uniqueness in photos. Whether it is the best man picking up the groom on his shoulder or the bride stuffing her cheeks with cakes for a gag, the Crawleys will collect everything to preserve for years to come.

6.     Jessica Raphael

Style – Contemporary

Bride and groom are the busiest couple on the wedding day. So, it is understandable for them to miss some crazy moments. To cover those moments and to ensure they get to experience them, Jessica Raphael snaps in her own artistic way.

7.    Marianne Chua

Style – Funtojournalism

Are you bored with the documentary style wedding photo albums or one of those alternative ones? Well, it is understandable to want something other than what you already witnessed or experienced and this is where Marianne Chua comes in. Her photography skills are not like you see in any freestyle contemporary wedding albums. Instead, she pioneered her own style and named it Funtojournalism. This is basically the idea of mixing fun elements with solid photojournalism skills.

8.    Sunshine Photography

Style – Contemporary

San’s contemporary style is breathtaking, to say the least. While there are other wedding photographers who like contemporary style snaps, San’s way is slightly different. Her approach to the wedding album is extremely emotion-centric. That means, when you open those photos on your silver jubilee anniversary, the emotions of that exact moment of that photograph will rush through your vein. It will be like experiencing those moments once again. Her wedding photographs will make you smile at the silly pranks your friends pulled on you at your wedding day or bring tears back to your eyes seeing you dancing with your father. But most importantly, her photos will make you feel loved like you were on your wedding day.

  1. Kristian Leven Photography

Style – Documentary

The prestigious Wedding Industry Award is one of many achievements of Kristen Leven. His passion for his work and crystal-clear view of his expectation makes his documentary styled wedding albums lifelike. A quick glance at your wedding photos will jog your memory like it was yesterday, that’s the beauty of Kristen Leven’s photographic documentation.

10. Photographs by Eve

Style – Photojournalism

“Photos speaks for itself” – this sums up Eve’s work real nice. Along with her incredible mastery with the camera, she has a good sense of capturing stories in one frame. Whether it is an unseen candid moment or the special occasion of your “I do”, when you’ll look through the wedding photos through her eyes, you’ll notice how much you have missed on that day. If photos could speak, you’ll spend years listening to each of Eve’s snap.

Bottom Line

These photographers are just the tip of iceberg UK has to offer. There are hundreds of other photographers out there who can capture the special moments exactly how you want. You just have to find the right wedding photographer for your occasion. In this case, you can use the process of “SSS”.

Style – Decide which style of photography will suit your auspicious day the most.

Sample – See the portfolios and samples of their previous work.

Set – Set your goals straight. Arrange a meeting with the wedding photographers and talk about your vision. That’s it. Now, you just concentrate on the vows.

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