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Over the past year, a combination of recurring lockdowns and more money in people’s pockets has resulted in an uptick in pet ownership throughout London – and despite the perceived hype around exotic crossbreeds, a new study by reveals that many pedigree dogs are the most sought after across the capital, with a majority of Londoners opting for a pedigree dog over a crossbreed.

The findings, which are based on a sample of almost 100,000 pet insurance policies, shows that in London, there has been a 35% increase in demand for pedigree dogs in 2021 when compared to the same period (January-September) in 2019.

It is difficult to suggest a reason for this trend, but it does call into question the common perception that exotic crossbreeds are in vogue.

Prospective dog owners should beware of these changing trends. Tiny companion dogs, that fit easily in handbags, were hugely popular throughout the 2000s but are now in need of rescuing in their droves. The RSPCA shared data directly with which shows that the number of Chihuahuas being abandoned or relinquished to the RSPCA has risen by 27% from 2015-2020, while the number of cocker spaniels coming into their care has increased by 34%, and French bulldogs are up a staggering 1,567%.

Dog owners should ensure their lifestyle fits with their potential breed, no matter what the pedigree. The RSPCA, in collaboration with, has provided top tips to consider:

Greg Wilson, Founder of pet insurance comparison website comments: “Our data reveals that, despite the recent trend for exotic crosses such as goldadors, labradoodles and puggles, two-thirds of Londoners have opted for a pedigree dog over a crossbreed.

“The breed of dog you decide to buy or adopt can have an impact on the cost of insuring your new pet, because some pedigree breeds are more valuable and are therefore more attractive to thieves – posing a higher insurance risk. Also, some pedigrees have a higher risk of congenital medical conditions or genetic disorders, which could potentially result in higher veterinary bills later down the line.

“Make sure you’re aware of these potential issues and take note of the advice from the RSPCA, it will help to safeguard your furry friend and your finances in the long-term.”

RSPCA dog welfare expert Dr Samantha Gaines comments: “We’re seeing the same shift in trends of ownership and popular breeds among the dog-owning population being reflected in our rescue population. We expect this as a result of the surging demand for increasingly popular breeds fuelling bad breeding practices and the puppy trade.

“Sadly, we’re also seeing an increase in the number of dogs, like French bulldogs, who are coming into our care because their owners cannot afford their vet bills as a result of health conditions due to the exaggerated way in which they’ve been bred, for example, selection for flat faces.” is one of the leading insurance comparison websites in the UK, helping over 3 million users find a more competitive deal on their insurance – including specialist pet insurance products such as puppy insuranceolder dog insurance, kitten insurance and cat insurance.

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