Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 15.11.06The rise of business intelligence (BI), big data, cloud security and IoT (Internet of Things) and real-time data science will be the dominant issues for the niche information technology sector in 2016, predicts Newcastle specialist IT recruiters, SearchBI.
Directors Richard Deas and Mark Harbottle at SearchBI, which supplies developers, consultants, project managers, business analysts and sales and account management executives to specialist national markets, see ‘huge’ demand for self-service business IT in the next 12 months along with a heightened focus on understanding the customer journey.
These together with the ‘dramatic’ increase in cloud-based/analytics solutions’ spend and demand for highly skilled people, will combine strongly to drive even more growth in some of the most dynamic IT sectors.
Richard Deas said: “Next year, we will see BI and analytics reach new heights – as advanced data technologies emerge, businesses will process and store more information than ever before.
“As a result, they will be looking for a next-generation BI and analytics platform that helps them tap into the power of their data, whether in the cloud or on-premises.
This ‘Networked BI’ capability creates an interwoven data fabric that delivers business-user self-service while eliminating analytical silos. The result is faster and more trusted decision-making.”
Big data’s migration to the mainstream will continue to accelerate in 2016 said Richard Deas.
He said: “This represents the acknowledgement that the variety and speed of data can be daunting, and shows a more thoughtful approach to analysing ‘useful’ data to reach fast, meaningful, holistic insights.
“I agree with other industry experts when they say that rather than investing time and money in IT infrastructure to manage high volumes of data, the trick will be to manage the data diversity and speed at which data streams to glean valuable insights – and to do something worthwhile with them.”
Security in the light of all the recent cyber-attacks recently (Talk-Talk and Vodafone) will only become a bigger issue over the next 12 months, said Mark Harbottle:  
“It’s worth adding that cyber criminals are developing a dizzying array of new and complex attack methods, leaving traditional cyber-security solutions struggling to keep pace.
“Many companies are implementing ever more sophisticated cloud-based ‘security-as-a-service’ offering as part of strategies to protect all facets of an organisation’s IT infrastructure. Now, with so many IT services being outsourced, cloud-based security is likely to explode.”
The IoT and real-time data science will feature heavily in 2016 believes SearchBI. Mark Harbottle and Richard Deas concur with James Phillips, corporate VP of Microsoft’s Business Applications, Platform, and Intelligence (BAPI) when he stated that the IoT would create new opportunities for data visualisation and real-time analysis.
“BI tools delivering data from connected devices will definitely thrive in the coming 12 months,” said Mark Harbottle, “while increasingly advanced analytics will move from the realm of data scientists into the mainstream – machine learning will become the preserve of an increasingly broader base of business users.”
The firm also wants to ensure that funding for what’s seen as ‘high cost’ university subjects such as technology and scientific courses does not drop below current levels in real terms.
“It’s vital that investment in these subjects remains sustainable to ensure that there’s a steady stream of qualified, highly educated and talented young people leaving our higher education facilities with the specialist technology skills and acumen that industry and commerce craves and the wider economy urgently needs to sustain growth and expansion,” concluded Richard Deas.
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