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Ryan Myers World Record 1

A band of world-record breakers are aiming to push themselves to the limit as they take on a new challenge this summer.

The group of strongmen and women – collectively known as Team Natural Power – are aiming to add to their staggering five Guiness World Records this August.

This time the 12-strong team, made up of former police officers, military veterans, and fitness enthusiasts will be hoping to break a staggering three records in one day, comprising of dragging, carrying and pushing sleds and sandbags.

Ryan Myers, 40, of Sunderland, an osteopath, is among the dozen dedicated record breakers.

Ryan, who is also a 20-year marine veteran, eight in regular service and 12 in the reserves, currently runs the 5th Element Sports Injury Clinic in Farringdon, Sunderland and Durham.

He said: “We started all this back in 2017 for charity. Many of us are former marines and are aware of colleagues who have struggled with mental health conditions, some have even taken their own lives.

“We really wanted to actively do something to help, anything to try and stop people feeling like there is no other way out.”

So, the friends and colleagues have, over the last seven years, held three different record-breaking attempts, and raised more than £25,000 for their chosen charities.

Ryan, originally from Whitby, said: “It gives us all a real goal, knowing that what we are doing could help someone in need and, undoubtedly in some cases, help save lives.

The latest effort, due to take place at Power Bar Gym in Sunderland on August 11, will raise funds for the Curtis Palmer Program which helps serving and retired police officers and staff with physical injury, illness and mental health wellbeing.

Helen Barnett, a former Metropolitan police officer from Broadway, was diagnosed with PTSD following her service and wanted to do something to support the charity.

She said: I became involved with them by helping others. It’s also helped me heal and I am proud to be an ambassador for the charity now.

“Team Natural Power is doing an incredible job to fundraise so it can continue the amazing work it is doing.”

The latest mammoth effort comes after previous success in breaking records for a series of power feats, including non-stop deadlifting and even one dubbed the ‘Sled of Pain’.

Ryan who was also based at the University of Sunderland earlier in his career, added: The training has been going well and we feel we are ready. Now, we just need to get through the day.”

Joining Ryan and Helen in the record-breaking attempt are Ben Barnett, from Worcester, Kayle Isaacs, from the Wirral, Jim Galvin, from East Grinstead, Dave Coleman, from Tunbridge Wells, Colin Kelly, from Seaham, Jason Morgan, from Plymouth, Emma Harkin-Jones, from Newton Aycliffe, Jim Billingham, from Lincoln. Bogdan Cuipe, from, Basingstoke, and Harry Shepard, from Birmingham.

To donate the effort. Please visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/9wc5e-3-world-record-attempts-in-one-day

To find out more about the Curtis Palmer Program, go to https://curtispalmerprogram.org/