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Bounce to revolutionise the North East

A new, innovative way to keep fit and have fun is coming to Royal Quays, North Tyneside. Its like no other trampoline park and will complement the existing leisure facilities to provide for the people of Newcastle, attracting fun seekers from across the North East.

Become apart of this epic new adventure for the North East with it’s first indoor trampoline park. The theme park consists of 20,000 sqft trampolines in an elaborate array of slam dunks, foam pits and more. Sound and vision with extravagant décor will provide the park with a fantastic vibe full of energy, fitness and innovation. It’s a revolution!

Founder of Bounce Revolution, Leon Groom feels strongly about this concept and is determined on making it a success at The Royal Quays:

“I am passionate about this idea and want to see it grow and prosper. Maybe the area is in need of a boost of energy from a perspective of leisure and hospitality, yet the energy of the people of the North East is legendary. I hope this (and watch this space) and other plans we have will help fill a void. This isn’t just for children although they are and should be a focus. Our venue will account for adult nights, party nights, school trips, fitness classes, team building etc… and also have a restaurant and barrister style café serving impeccable produce and with a service to match. The produce will be locally sourced and healthy options will be a strong theme. This park will look like no other in design and ethos.”

Bounce Revolution are in partnership with WD Limited to create a revolutionary building and experience. Peter Everest of WD said:

”We are looking forward to working with Bounce to create at Royal Quays a regional attraction that will draw people from the whole of Newcastle and one that we hope will be so unique and imaginary that it will encourage people to come North of the Tyne from Sunderland and South Shields. The vision will be truly spectacular”.

There are sites opening around the country and many are with Bounce Revolution but North Tyneside will be a flagship venue. Mark Ashton from TPS said:

“We are involved in many projects around Europe but the concepts that Leon Groom has at Bounce Revolution is by far our most exciting. The vision is truly stunning”.

The experience aims to provide fun and energy to the City, bringing families together and maybe a different slant on a ‘staff night out’! A recent BBC news clip highlighting that trampolining is the highest calorific burning exercise available has also really put trampolining on the exercise map. Bounce Revolution will have dedicated fitness sessions throughout each day.

With Bounce Revolution to be located in the Royal Quays that already accumulates a footfall of over 2 million people a year, this is only going to benefit the local economy and already existing businesses in and around the surround vicinity.

“The café menu will have a range of foods, healthy if possible but a naughty option if needs must. Kids and business parties will be available and we intend to have restaurant grill with a twist. With our location being surrounded by so many big name shops, it’s perfect for parents to give their kids some fun times but ensuring they are getting the right exercise they need! Who said keeping fit can’t be fun?”

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