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Brits mistakes could be costing them an extra £39 a year

ByJane Sloane

Nov 8, 2021

An unconscious habit for thousands of households across the country, forgetting to switch lights off is proving to be a costly mistake for Brits. With energy bills skyrocketing as a result of increased time at home, saving money has become a priority for many in recent months.

A survey of 1,007 UK adults carried out by lighting supplier Ultra LEDs revealed just how many homes are unknowingly wasting energy and money.

Results showed that over half (51%) of Brits are leaving on the living room light when it’s no longer needed.

This was followed closely by the kitchen at 49%, with the bathroom coming in third place at 36%.

On average, this could be costing households up to an extra £39 a year, depending on how many rooms they’re keeping lit and for how long. Leaving other devices switched on like the living room TV or bathroom extractor fan can hike costs even higher.

An average household of three to four people can expect their energy bills to total to £795 in a year. But more family members increase the chances of lights being left on in multiple rooms.

Similarly, people living in larger properties with more rooms were more likely to leave lights on than those with smaller homes.

Lighting already accounts for 15% of energy bills, with long winter months seeing significant increases in costs, making savings in this area an essential consideration.

Paul Garner, Head of ECommerce at Ultra LEDs said: “Many people are quick to blame heating for increased energy costs and don’t realise the impact their lighting choices have on their bills.

“Our research only goes to show how important it is to not just switch off your lights but to think carefully about the kinds of bulbs you’re using. For those who are more forgetful, we’d recommend energy-saving options like LEDs or even installing a dimmer switch.

“Having the lights on low will have less impact on your monthly costs even if you do leave them on longer than intended.”

Top 10 places most likely to have the light left on

  1. Living room (51%)

  2. Kitchen (49%)

  3. Bathroom (36%)

  4. Hallway/Landing (34%)

  5. Bedroom (30%)

  6. Dining room (23%)

  7. Home office (21%)

  8. Utility room (18%)

  9. Outdoor light (9%)

  10. Attic (3%)