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Brits will drive hundreds of miles further for UK holidays this summer


Nov 29, 2021
  • A third (33%) of Brits will drive further for UK holidays this summer with international travel restricted 
  • Owners of eco-friendly cars plan on driving the furthest 
  • Expert tips on how to make your fuel go further on a staycation 

UK motorists are planning to drive an average of 212 miles further for their UK holidays than they have in previous years, as staycations continue to boom. 

A study[1], conducted by Euro Car Parts, found that a third (33%) of drivers will drive further this summer, due to the restrictions of international travel, and are also happy to spend more on their UK holidays than normal (30%). 

Brits are also planning to use this summer to explore more of the UK, with over a quarter (27%) saying they would be visiting different parts of the country more often than usual, and another 27% planning to go on multiple staycations. 

In comparison, less than one in ten (8%) drivers said they’d be looking to stay close to home this summer, whilst just 11% of those surveyed are planning on visiting the same destinations that they would normally. 

The research revealed that drivers of green vehicles are the most likely to be planning to drive further for their holidays. Electric car motorists are the most willing to embark on longer distances for their getaway, with nearly two thirds (64%) saying they are happy to visit destinations further away than normal.  

However, it is hybrid car owners who are planning to drive the greatest distances for their getaway, at an average of 268 miles more than previous summers (June-August). 

On average, how much further Brits are willing to drive for their UK holidays (by fuel type): 

  1. Hybrid – 268 miles 
  2. Electric – 225 miles 
  3. Diesel – 211 miles 
  4. Petrol – 208 miles 

Across the UK, Londoners are anticipating the longest drives, with nearly half (46%) stating that they are happy to drive further than usual for their summer break. Bristolians meanwhile are planning to travel the most, with 37% saying they would be venturing on more than one UK escape.  

The 10 cities willing to drive furthest for their UK holidays are: 

  1. London – 267 miles 
  2. Southampton – 224 miles 
  3. Newcastle – 220 miles 
  4. Liverpool – 217 miles 
  5. Edinburgh – 199 miles 
  6. Cardiff – 199 miles 
  7. Manchester – 188 miles 
  8. Birmingham – 187 miles 
  9. Glasgow – 170 miles 
  10. Norwich – 169 miles 

For those looking to drive further than usual this summer, here are three expert tips for maximising fuel efficiency. 

1. Manage your revs 

Keep an eye on your revs when changing gear. The most fuel-efficient RPM to change up a gear is 2,500 for a petrol car and 2,000 for diesel. So, monitor the revs count, stick to that number and the pennies you’ll save will soon stack up. 

Additionally, try to avoid dropping your revs too low, as this could cause unnecessary strain on the engine and waste fuel. Staying above 1,500 revs in petrol and 1,300 in diesel cars should comfortably avoid this. 

2. Slow down on high-speed roads 

Driving at high speeds down dual carriageways and motorways means your engine is operating at a higher RPM than it is on slower roads.  

However, by simply slowing down a little on those fast roads you could end up saving a lot of money. The most efficient speed to drive at is between 55-65mph, so driving at lower speeds could help you to conserve fuel.  

3. Don’t overfill your tank 

Although it seems counter-intuitive, brimming your tank will lead to extra fuel being used to transport the extra weight, and by only filling it up halfway you can save money in the process. 

UK holiday parks are also seeing a rise in people travelling from further afield for their UK breaks this year. Lisa Williams, Director of Marketing and Holiday Sales at UK holiday home park, Park Leisure, said: “Brits are definitely making the most of their summer staycations this year. We’re noticing a trend for customers wanting to experience different parts of the UK and they are travelling further away from home and staying for longer when they’re there. Whereas in previous years we’d expect to see a lot of bookings for long weekends, we’re noticing more enquires for one and two week stays.  

“With the beauty that UK destinations, such as Cornwall, Wales and Northumberland, have to offer, it’s not hard to see why!” 

Helen Robinson, Corporate Communications Director at Euro Car Parts, said: “With international travel likely to be off the table for many families, more and more people are looking to explore the amazing holiday destinations that the UK has to offer, and from our research it’s clear that Brits are far more willing to look at destinations in Britain that are further afield for their getaways.  

“We hope that our fuel saving advice helps holidaymakers to save money on their journey, so they can instead spend it at their destination.” 

For more tips on driving efficiently this summer, visit: https://www.eurocarparts.com/blog/driving-tips-for-an-economical-and-enjoyable-staycation  

[1]Survey of 2,000 UK respondents commissioned by Euro Car Parts and conducted by The Leadership Factor (TLF)