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Buying Guide: 5 Things to Look For When Buying a New Mattress

ByDave Stopher

Nov 11, 2021

People spend more time in bed for rest and comfort. A good rest is essential in keeping our body healthy after a busy life all day. In addition, it’s one way of recharging our energy from stress and exhaustion. There is no doubt, a good night’s sleep provides a recharging and re-energizing effect. Thus, the selection of the right mattress is a must!

Achieving the desired sleep and comfort depends on many factors. People do have specific needs paired with the appropriate mattress to achieve a peaceful slumber. Most of us have surely experienced waking up in the middle of sleep or experienced a delayed sleep. That indeed is not a great experience for anyone. It can undeniably affect how we move the next day.

Finding the right mattress is one of the most challenging things to do. You are probably wondering where to start. Thus, enough knowledge and understanding about your specific needs are vital in the process. Here, we list down things you should look for when buying a new mattress for your house.

1. Focus On Comfort

Everyone wants comfort. Finding the proper comfort is the most crucial factor in choosing your new mattress. You don’t have to consider other people’s standards of comfort. Choose a mattress that fits your comfort level. Although expensive mattresses equate to better quality, you won’t still enjoy them if you are not comfortable with what you lie on. Thus, you must find comfort and achieve the best sleeping experience with your new mattress.

Comfort also comes in many factors. You also need to consider the size, firmness, and type of materials being used to find what’s best for you. Mattress type like commercial adjustable mattresses is one of the best mattresses you can find out there. Furthermore, it is more convenient to use as you can adjust the firmness and temperature with one click away!

2. Size

What could be the best mattress size for you? The appropriate size for your mattress still depends on your needs. You wouldn’t want to rest in a narrow or too big bed for your size. Some people may consider a larger bed for extra space, while some prefer just enough space for rest. But there could also be challenges coming your way depending on your mattress size.

Moving large mattresses around your house can be a bit challenging. You only have to do it the right way with some extra help to move it successfully. If you are still confused about what size is best for you, you can try a queen-size mattress. A queen-size bed can be large for individuals. But you would surely enjoy one if you like extra space to sleep on. On the other hand, California king mattresses are perfect if you want to share a space with someone.

3. Firmness

Your mattress’s firmness is vital in keeping your body more comfortable and feel at ease. You only need enough firmness for proper support to your spine and other body parts. A too-soft mattress can sink your hips deep into the mattress. This can lead to pains all over your body, especially pains in your neck and the back. On the other hand, if the mattress is too hard, it can curve the spine upwards.

The shoulder area to the neck can experience tension or worse back pain. Thus, it is essential to choose the best mattress with the right level of firmness your body needs. The right firmness depends on your body weight. That means that the higher the body weight, the higher firmness for mattresses is required. This can be an essential process in choosing a mattress as it is mainly to provide enough support to your body when at rest.

4. Consider All Option

Researching different types of mattresses is beneficial to find the best options for you. There are a lot of high-quality mattresses that may fit your standard of comfort. You don’t need to rush as you can spend more time knowing and understanding each mattress type’s benefits. Here is some mattress type you can consider for a night of better sleep:

  • Air beds – They are easy to use and weigh less.
  • Memory foam – They use your body heat, relieve body pain, and are hypoallergenic.
  • Latex foam – They provide extreme comfort and durability. Latex foam can be low-maintenance and eco-friendly.

5. Check Your Budget

As mentioned, there are various mattress types available for you, and their prices also vary. Therefore, it is crucial to set a budget to know what you only need and not go over the amount you set. Not only it makes you control your budget but it also makes you a responsible buyer. Mattress type like innerspring mattress is one of the traditional and affordable beds being used today.


When buying a new mattress, effort in knowing the different types is important. But knowing what to look at beforehand is also crucial in the process. These factors are needed to fully understand what your body needs during sleep. Thus, it is vital to look at every option available for you to get only the best!