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By parliamentary appointment

A North East health and safety consultancy firm has been featured in a nationally-recognised independent political journal.

Steel River Consultants, launched in 2010 and based in Stockton with an office in Derby, has been selected by The Parliamentary Review to share the challenges the firm has faced, as well as sharing how these have been overcome and the firm’s outlook for the future.

Originally specialising in the renewable industry, the firm now offers health and safety consultancy to a wide range of sectors, including petrochemical, utilities and construction, having diversified following frequent policy changes.

Managing director Graham Tyerman said: “This is truly an honour and one we were happy to accept.

“As a company we consider it vital to be able to share our knowledge across this and other industries.

“Through The Parliamentary Review, businesses of all sizes from across the UK can learn from each other’s challenges and build on an already strong community.”

Featuring exclusive commentary from a range of esteemed politicians and journalists, The Parliamentary Review shares the insight of businesses, educators and policymakers alike.

Founded with The Rt Hon David Curry as chief editor, and chaired by Lord Pickles and Lord Blunkett, the Review provides a unique take on the UK economy by working with a range of organisations across a vast array of industry sectors.

Lord Pickles has praised the upcoming Review as one of the most comprehensive yet, commenting: “As Britain undergoes changes, it is essential that politicians have a firm understanding of the challenges with which British organisations must contend, The Review being a perfect platform for this.”

To read the Steel River Consultants article in The Parliamentary Review, visit:

Twitter: @SRConsultants

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