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Byggfakta Group, one of Europe’s largest construction data providers, announces the promotion of NBS CEO Russell Haworth to the new role of Byggfakta Group UK CEO.

Haworth will maintain his leadership of NBS, Byggfakta Group’s leading construction technology platform, whilst also overseeing its sister companies: Glenigan, a leading UK provider of construction sales leads and analysis, and CIS, one of Ireland’s most-trusted construction standards suppliers.

All three brands are well-known, and highly-respected, providers of construction industry insight and specification expertise. The move will strengthen the collaboration between the partner companies, with the aim to increase market share and generate new business opportunities.

Furthermore, bringing the trio closer together forms a central part of Byggfakta’s plan to cross-pollinate within complementing business areas, strengthening the operational competence of each brand and increasing efficiencies throughout the Group.

This has prompted the introduction of four new roles to Byggfakta Group Management, including Haworth’s, to oversee the implementation of planned activity.

Strengthening the team to foster growth

Byggfakta Group has reviewed and will implement changes within the Group Management Team to ensure a more efficient organisation that optimally delivers accountability and ownership.

Johnny Engman, Group CFO, Peter Sjöberg, Group CRO, and Pär Fack, Group COO will remain as part of the Group Management Team. Pär has assumed interim accountability for the CTO role as well as his substantive COO position. Four new positions have been added to the Group Management Team effective 1 June 2022.

Russell Haworth, currently NBS CEO, will be promoted to Byggfakta Group UK CEO and take full accountability for the UK segment including NBS, Glenigan and CIS. Miguel Sobral, currently Vortal/South Europe CEO, will be promoted to Byggfakta Group Continental Europe CEO and take accountability for the Vortal eco-system as well as Olmero and Info-Techno.

Robert Krups and Damian Eastman will join as Co-CEOs with accountability across APAC, USA, and Canada, continuing their accountability for the BCI businesses. Lindi Teate, currently Group HR Director, will be promoted to Chief People Officer, continuing her accountability across our Group for all aspects of strategic HR, People and Culture.

Colin Smith, currently Group CSO, has made the decision to change his work-life balance this year and will cease all executive responsibilities. Colin will remain with the Group during a period of transition to ensure full handover of responsibilities, whereupon he will continue to support the business in an advisory capacity for the foreseeable future.

“I am very pleased to confirm our new Group Management Team. The extensive experience that the team brings to the business and their respective areas of accountability give us the prerequisites to benefit from our leading position. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Colin for his contribution as Group CSO and as a member of Group Management at Byggfakta Group. We look forward to continuing our trusted advisory relationship with him”, says Stefan Lindqvist, CEO of Byggfakta Group.

In April, Byggfakta Group announced that Adrian Jakobsson, former CTO and member of Group Management, decided to leave Byggfakta Group to proceed with his career outside the company.

The new organisational structure entails a saving corresponding to approximately MSEK 5 annually. Non-recurring costs of approximately MSEK 8 related to the changes will be booked in the result for the second quarter of 2022.

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