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Candlelighters CEO Emily Wragg shortlisted for Yorkshire Leadership Awards

Emily Wragg, CEO of children’s cancer charity Candlelighters, has been shortlisted for the Public and Third Sector Leader in the Yorkshire Leadership Awards.

Candlelighters is a charity which for over 45 years has brought comfort to families affected by childhood cancer across Yorkshire, by providing emotional, practical, and financial support, as well as investing in vital research to save lives and reduce the suffering of children with cancer. Each year, over 150 children in Yorkshire are diagnosed with cancer.

Emily has played a crucial role in Candlelighters’ expansion and success over the years. One of her early milestones was the opening of the Candlelighters Family Support Centre, The Square, providing families with a space close to the hospital to receive support including talking therapy, massage and other well-being services.

Emily also spearheaded the establishment of The Candlelighters Cottage, a four-bedroom house that provides a home-from-home environment for families traveling to receive treatment for their child.

She has expanded Candlelighters’ services to be accessible across the county by introducing a community model to widen support from the hospital to across Yorkshire.

Last year, Emily led the creation of a £1 million Candlelighters Supportive Care Research Centre in collaboration with the University of York, which will focus on research tackling the potentially life-threatening side effects of cancer treatment for children. This will see internationally crucial research being led from Yorkshire to help save lives, reduce suffering, and bring hope for children diagnosed with cancer.

Emily’s leadership style is characterised by trust, flexibility, and empowerment. She believes in removing barriers to success, fostering a non-hierarchical structure that encourages collaboration and innovation. Every member of Candlelighters is encouraged to contribute their ideas, without fear of failure, making Candlelighters a safe and creative space for testing and learning.

Emily’s leadership was put to the test during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her decisive actions, transparent communication, and unwavering support for both staff and families ensured that Candlelighters not only weathered the storm but emerged stronger.

Commenting on her nomination, Emily says, “I’m so grateful to have been shortlisted for such a prestigious award. I feel incredibly humbled to lead such an important charity and to be a part of both what we have achieved, and what we will achieve in the future. Families are affected by childhood cancer, not only throughout treatment, but beyond – whether their child has long-term side effects, or the family are sadly bereaved. Being able to provide vital support for these families during an extremely traumatic journey is at the core of everything we do.”

Georgia, mum to Albie says: “Candlelighters get people through the hardest of times; without them, many parents would break. Cancer literally tips your whole world upside down and Candlelighters holds your hand through it, and supports families in ways that you don’t even think of.”

The ceremony for Yorkshire’s Leadership Awards will be held on Thursday 21 March 2024 at The Queen’s Hotel in Leeds city centre.

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