Carboneum employ one of the largest inter blockchain networks in the world to build CoinRadars

20th June, London – Ahead of next week’s ICO launchCarboneum, the democratized social trading platform, are pleased to announce their partnership with ICON as their technical and strategic partner. Carboneum will utilize the ICON blockchain to build a democratized social trading platform called CoinRadars, which will assist with technical development and project expansion.

Users of CoinRadars will be able to mirror crypto-trades made by a designated expert. Whenever the leader makes a trade, the user will automatically do so as well, allowing users to learn how to crypto-trade like an expert! Better still – should a user not profit by a trade via the platform, they won’t be charged a penny. Payment is only required in the event of a profitable trade – meaning users can experience and learn the art of crypto-trading without the worry of losing money.

ICON is a decentralized network that is looking to bring blockchain communities together and hyper connect the world. The core engine that powers the ICON network is called loopchain and is currently being applied by real enterprises such as banks, security firms and hospitals.

The CoinRadars system will run on Carboneum tokens (C8) – 120,000,000 of which will be available for purchase during the ICO which launches on Monday 25th June.

Social trading may not be a new concept – but whereas existing platforms are based upon centralized platforms, CoinRadars will be based upon blockchain technology, allowing for transparency and security that is missing from current social trading systems. This is where the partnership with ICON becomes so essential.

Max Kortrakul Founder and CEO of Carboneum, says: “One of the key aspects of our project that sets us apart from existing social trading platforms, is our plans to build it on a decentralized network. This will enable users to learn from experts in a cost-effective, secure and transparent way. Therefore, our joining the ICON ecosystem is an important step in achieving our vision, and we are really pleased to be able to announce this partnership. ”

Previously, the team behind Carboneum built Stockradars, Thailand’s leading online stock trading and analytical platform. Stockradars has over 680,000 app downloads, multiple local and regional brokerage partners and 76 version updates since launch.  

Details on how to participate in the upcoming Carboneum ICO can be found on the website here and here.