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Celebrate National Mojito Day with a MOOSE Mountain Mojito

Celebrate National Mojito Day with a MOOSE Mountain Mojito on 11th July 2020
If you love a Mojito but are looking for a new, refreshing twist on your favourite drink, why not try a MOOSE Mountain Mojito?
Moose never follow the pack, they follow their instincts, which is why MOOSE – The Mountain Spirit has created a unique spirit that was born out of instinct. MOOSE blends the botanicals mint, mountain pine and gentian with chilli and maple syrup, creating a spirit that is as complex as it is original. The distinct flavours of MOOSE make it the best for mixing in cocktails and the perfect way to spice up your Mojito. 
MOOSE Mountain Mojito 

50ml MOOSE 
10ml Maple Syrup 
Soda Water 
Unlike a normal Mojito, this Mountain Mojito needs to be shaken. Add all ingredients except soda water to  shaker. Pour all ingredients directly from the shaker into a highball glass and top with soda water. 
You can see a video on how to make the perfect MOOSE Mojito on MOOSE’s Instagram here
MOOSE has created a cocktail box, providing you with all the fresh ingredients and equipment needed to make 2 x MOOSE Mountain Mojitos and 2 x Chilli & Maple Daiquiris, including a personalised cocktail shaker. 

MOOSE Cocktail Box + Engraved Shaker RRP: £35. 

Available fromthemoosedrink.com and Yumbles

MOOSE is also available to buy in individual bottles. RRP: £15 for 20cl and £36.99 for 70cl. ABV: 35%
About MOOSE – The Mountain Spirit 
MOOSE is a unique combination of mountain herbs such as mint and pine, Canadian maple syrup for natural sweetness and subtle chilli heat. MOOSE is best for mixing in simple, outstanding and easy to execute drinks such as the MOOSE Mule, Chilli & Maple Daiquiri and the Raspberry Mousse. 
MOOSE is made in Arlberg at the 135 year old Freihof Distillery, close to the world famous ski resort St Anton Am Arlberg. This family distillery has been distilling the finest Austrian spirits since 1885 and helps MOOSE to be a true expression of modern Alpine lifestyle, full of provenance and authenticity. 
MOOSE is passionately committed to fighting the effects of Climate Change and saving the snow, by aiming to plant 200,000 trees in Northern Sumatra this year with The Sumatran Orangutang Society. MOOSE also organise ‘Alpine Litter Picks’ when the snow melts in the Alps to help preserve the mountains for the next season.  Further information on MOOSE’s sustainability credentials is available at: www.moosebynature.com
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