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Celebrating World Female Ranger Week 2024: Empowering Women in Conservation


Jun 24, 2024

June 23-30, 2024 marks the annual World Female Ranger Week, a global initiative designed to amplify the voices and recognize the impactful work of female wildlife rangers worldwide. Organized by the international NGO How Many Elephants (HME), this week-long event aims to address the significant gender imbalance in environmental conservation, where women represent less than 11% of the global ranger workforce.

The Role and Impact of Female Rangers

Female rangers are at the forefront of wildlife conservation, protecting endangered species, preserving biodiversity, and fostering sustainable community development. They serve as role models, educators, and champions of gender equity in traditionally male-dominated roles. Their work not only conserves wildlife but also empowers women and uplifts communities, demonstrating the far-reaching impacts of their efforts.

Holly Budge, the founder of How Many Elephants and World Female Ranger Week, emphasizes the importance of gender equity in conservation. Having patrolled with multiple ranger teams across Africa, Budge has witnessed firsthand the significant contributions of female rangers. “These bold women are protecting wildlife, uplifting communities, and empowering other women,” says Budge. “World Female Ranger Week highlights the gender imbalance in environmental conservation and works towards tangible solutions for positive outcomes”​ (World Female Ranger Week – June 23-30)​​ (Travel Daily Media)​.

Events and Activities

World Female Ranger Week 2024 will feature a range of activities, including online and live events, global media coverage, and fundraising initiatives. The week is structured around daily themes, each highlighting a different aspect of the rangers’ work and challenges. These themes include:

  • Day 1: Why Women?
  • Day 2: Skills
  • Day 3: Impact
  • Day 4: Leadership
  • Day 5: Successes
  • Day 6: Challenges and Solutions
  • Day 7: Empowerment

These themes aim to educate, inspire, and spread awareness about the valuable contributions of female rangers. Participants are encouraged to engage with these themes through social media using the hashtag #worldfemalerangerweek​ (World Female Ranger Week – June 23-30)​​ (World Female Ranger Week – June 23-30)​.

Recognizing Excellence: The World Female Ranger Awards

A highlight of the week is the World Female Ranger Awards, which provide international recognition to female rangers who have shown exceptional dedication and commitment to conservation. These awards celebrate the achievements of women who have overcome significant challenges to protect wildlife and natural habitats. Notable recipients include Bam, who runs the Gibbon Conservation Society, and Neema Stephene, a member of the NARI Women’s Beekeeping Group in Tanzania​ (Adventure.com)​.

Global Reach and Participation

Since its inception, World Female Ranger Week has garnered extensive global participation and media coverage. Last year, the event reached over 500 million viewers worldwide, and this year’s celebration is expected to be even bigger. The initiative invites strategic partnerships to expand its reach and strengthen support for female rangers globally​ (Travel Daily Media)​.

How to Get Involved

There are numerous ways to support World Female Ranger Week. Individuals and organizations can participate by sharing stories, attending events, and making donations to help train, equip, and support female rangers. The official website offers customizable social media templates, daily themes, and other resources to help spread the word about the impactful work of female rangers​ (World Female Ranger Week – June 23-30)​​ (World Female Ranger Week – June 23-30)​.


World Female Ranger Week 2024 is a powerful reminder of the critical role women play in conservation. By celebrating and supporting female rangers, this initiative not only promotes gender equity but also strengthens global efforts to protect wildlife and biodiversity. Join the movement from June 23-30 to make a difference in the lives of these courageous women and the natural world they are dedicated to preserving.

For more information and to get involved, visit the official World Female Ranger Week website.

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