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Chamber Member Has Sweet Smell of Success

StozoneStephen Meenaghan, has capitalised on his extensive scientific experience to launch  a new service called Breath of Fresh Air  which destroys odours by targeting the source and destroying them at a cellular level.  He does this by managing a portable device which provides a calculated and correct level of ozone gas. He explained the freshness is similar to the air outside after a thunderstorm as the science behind both of them is the same.

This service is provided by his company, Stozone which also specialises in chemical free hygiene treatments to a wide range of customers, and  is entering its third year.

He said: “I tested my product on some really appalling fish smells in my kitchen and they were eliminated within half an hour.  This made me realise the potential for my product and service in a whole range of situations including second-hand cars, holiday homes, private and rented properties and care homes.  There is already a huge appetite for Stozone as it is not masking one smell by replacing it with another, as many off the shelf products tend to do – the Stozone treatment eliminates the source of the odour.”

Julie Digman, Relationship Manager, North East England Chamber of Commerce said: “Stozone is a really great business with potential in so many different ways.  I am sure we have all had occasions when it would have been helpful to eradicate a bad smell by a means other than opening all the doors and windows.  We wish him every success.”

He said: “I joined the Chamber as being a relatively new start-up, it is invaluable to meet other entrepreneurs and hear their stories.  Also if I am having a particular problem there is also someone at the various events who can give you a hand or some advice.”

Stephen’s new business is complementary to his existing company which specialises With over seven years’ experience and scientific knowledge, Stephen’s knowledge includes treatments within the fresh produce and food production sector. By utilising and developing the correct management procedures and understanding the molecular reaction to the Stozone technology, the new smell destroying arm is already proving successful and complements the original business well.

Stozone works with a varied client base including those in the food sector, car dealerships and holiday property businesses to name but a few.

Stephen said: “The three worst smells to eliminate are a wet dog, cigarette smoke and the artificial scent from a spray which promises to get rid of smells but replaces them with something more unpleasant.  Not only can we eliminate these, but other odours as well – without the use of chemicals, with ease and with immediate effect!”

Stephen showcased his service at a Chamber Local event held at another Chamber member, the Hastings, Seaton Delaval, the next one  will be held the last Wednesday of every month.

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