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Children can influence decision on EV switch, says Simon Bailes Peugeot

ByNatalie Witterick

Nov 5, 2021

A huge 40 percent of parents want their children to learn to drive in an all-electric car, says Simon Bailes Peugeot.

Simon Bailes said the results of the Peugeot survey highlights the prominent role that EV’s will play in the future of the next generation.

He said: “There is already a sizeable shift towards electric vehicles, a trend that will grow as the technology and infrastructure continue to evolve and costs continue to fall.

“It may prove more difficult for those brought up with the internal combustion engine, but it would appear that young people are already firmly behind zero carbon motoring.”

The research by the French car manufacturer found that 40 per cent of parents wanted their children to learn to drive in a fully electric car – while a quarter admitted that their kids regularly pester them to switch from a petrol or diesel to electric.

However, 28 percent of parents expressed concern that owning and driving an electric car would be harder than a ‘traditional’ motor.

Simon Bailes, who operates dealerships in Stockton, Guisborough, and Northallerton, said: “Electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity and it’s important that the next generation are aware of both their benefits and limitations.

“Peugeot remains at the forefront of the technology and such advances have meant that EV’s are now approaching the tipping point of mass adoption.

“However, Peugeot also continues to invest in clean, efficient, and economic petrol and diesel engines, together with hybrids, that continue to cut carbon emissions for those for whom EVs are not yet a practical alternative.

“This survey certainly reflects the growing interest in EVs at our dealerships. To put things into context, the number of electric cars sold in the UK this September almost exceeded the figure for the whole of 2019!

“Over the past ten years EVs have grown in quality and offer a greater range per charge while the price gap continues to narrow, making them more affordable, particularly when considering the overall cost of car ownership.”