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Chimeraland Pre-Registration Opens Ahead of Summer Launch

ByDave Stopher

Jun 15, 2022

June 15, 2022 – Following a successful Closed Beta Test, Level Infinite today announced that pre-registration for Chimeraland is now open to players across Europe and North America. Chimeraland is a free-to-play open world sandbox adventure game, releasing on PC, iOS and Android devices this summer. 

Taking inspiration from legends, Chimeraland will transport players to a prehistoric mythical world where fantastical beasts roam the land, sea, and air. Once captured and tamed, players can transform their mount using Chimeraland’s innovative “evolution and devour” mechanic. On devouring a rival Chimera, there is a chance to graft one of its body parts onto your pet – you no longer need to imagine what a unicorn would look like with a scorpion’s tail! Chimeraland’s high level of customization doesn’t stop there, with players able to create their in-game character and build the world of their dreams on the game’s expansive world map.

Watch the new trailer here: https://youtu.be/7tcEHBYdKHc 

All players pre-registering will receive one of a number of exclusive props to give them a head start when Chimeraland launches this summer. A further reward will be unlocked for all players once pre-registrations numbers hit 1 Million, 3 Million, 5 Million and 10 Million. Please check the official website for details and event rules.


Chimeraland Key Features:

Expansive Open World: Players can roam wild in the 1000 square kilometer world
Transform a Mystical Wilderness: Build a dream world anywhere, be it land, sky or sea
Customizable Experience: With countless different looks, a player can be whoever they want to be
One-of-A-Kind Beasts: Any beast can become a player’s pet, using an unique system of “devouring” or “evolving” which gives pets characteristics, shapes and abilities
Versatile Weapons for Better Combat: Charge fearlessly into battle with a host of weapons that can be switched at will

Chimeraland is an open world game with a high degree of freedom. Players can explore and build freely, interact with rich exotic animals, fight, cultivate pets, and survive in a dynamic ancient world. To find out more, visit the official social media channels on FacebookInstagramYouTubeTikTokTwitter and Discord.