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Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Curing North East Fertility


Mar 15, 2018

One business in the region is booming in more ways than one – Sun Hie Acupuncture in Whitley Bay is specialising in helping people overcoming fertility issues thanks to a traditional and natural remedy, booming not only their business but also the population of the region.

In fact, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and cupping are becoming the go to method for improving the chances of having a baby!

Dr Xiao Xi Yu, of Sun Hie Acupuncture in Whitley Bay, is delighted by the number of people she has been able to help in reaching this dream which has grown her business to allow her to expand her team and appoint a new member of staff.

Dr Yu has over 30 years experience in the profession, ten of which she has delivered from the Sun Hie Acupuncture’s clinic. Over the years she has helped many women with infertility. She said:

“Whilst modern medicine has advanced massively in the last few years to help couples struggling with infertility, there are still many cases where the couple doesn’t qualify for NHS help, because they can’t afford the treatment or it simply doesn’t/won’t work in their case.”

“With Acupuncture, it is about finding where the issues lie within each persons individual system. The treatments and medicine stimulate the body, remove blockages and reduce tension and stress. This then improves the kidney function, which makes the body stronger and allows it to do the job it is supposed to do.”

One such lady that benefited from treatment is Michelle Jones, who now has two amazing children, the arrival of which she puts down to acupuncture, Chinese cupping and Chinese herbal medicine.

Michelle is 38 and ever since meeting her husband Steven at the age of 18 she has had four long-term chronic health conditions.  Her symptoms started at age 14.

Struggling with Scoliosis, Colitis and Proctitis along with Fibromyalgia, Michelle developed agoraphobia whilst at University and her treatment of that through hypnotherapy helped her grasp that there were natural ways to look after herself.

However, Michelle’s infertility seemed sealed when at 22 she was also diagnosed with Endometriosis. The couple chose to stay together despite the chnaces of having a family being slim and now have two beautiful children, Dylan aged 10 and Isla aged seven.

The couple married in 2005 having moved back to the North East, still hoping one day a child would be possible. Michelle had started with Acupuncture in 2004, mainly to alleviate the overall symptoms, but with the long-term goal being pregnancy.

Michelle, who now runs her own successful business Michelle Jones Wedding Planner, said:

“I needed to take control of my illnesses, accept I was poorly and find a way to live whilst managing my health. I came off the treatment that the doctors had me on which was putting me into false menopause. Three years after enjoying Chinese medicine, hot cupping and acupuncture I was feeling stronger and my miracle occurred – I fell pregnant! Three years later, the same again!”

Michelle, who is originally from Hartlepool and lives in Newcastle, has since having her children used acupuncture to help with back issues and when her stomach muscles separated after childbirth. It keeps her fibromyalgia at bay too.  

She concluded:

“The beauty of acupuncture is that you are treated as a person – not just symptoms and a condition or disease. It removes toxins and creates well being all round, so whatever your fertility situation it is really worth trying. Steven and I attribute our success in falling pregnant 100 percent down to Chinese medicine!”

Dr Yu, who treats people suffering from a range of other conditions including menopause, back and neck pain, eczema, fibromyalgia, tinnitus and mental health issues such as stress and anxiety, concluded:

“The female system can get choked up and so I concentrate on relieving that, which creates regular periods and ovulation. It also has been proven to improve the quality of eggs produced as it balances the body out making everything perform well.  Chinese medicine is also effective in reducing the chance of miscarriage, and I create bespoke medicines to meet the needs of each woman I treat.

“Stories like Michelle’s are happening more and more everyday thanks to Chinese medicine and acupuncture – more people need to turn to it to find their solution and relief.”

By Emily