Climeworks’, a pioneer in the permanent removal of carbon dioxide from our air, is hosting its first climate change solutions fireside chat on May 26th from 5pm (6pm CET).

Céline Olesen from Climeworks will be chatting with Jeremy Freeman, founder and executive director of CarbonPlan, a not-for-profit that helps organisations in the public and private sector analyse climate solutions based on the best available science and data.

We know that to stop climate change, we need to restore a healthy balance of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide removal solutions – both nature-based and technological solutions – can contribute by removing historic or unavoidable emissions and help the world get to net-zero emissions.

Given the magnitude of the challenge, carbon removal solutions need to be scaled drastically – and the private sector plays a key role in driving them forward.

But how do corporate decision makers choose the right carbon removal solutions for their organization?

You are invited to join, for free, Climeworks’ online fireside chat with Jeremy Freeman.

During the chat you will hear insights on corporate carbon removal strategies and how businesses can assess them based on specific criteria. You’ll also hear more about the options available for both large and small businesses, and individuals. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and go away with a deeper insight into the science behind carbon removal and how different solutions compare.

Wednesday, 26th May, 17:00 BST / 18:00 CEST / 9:00am PT

Online, details upon registration



Climeworks empowers people to reverse climate change by permanently removing carbon dioxide from the air. The Climeworks vision is to inspire 1 billion people to act now.

The direct air capture company returns the carbon dioxide it captures to earth where it remains permanently removed from the air for millions of years. The Climeworks direct air capture technology runs exclusively on clean energy, and the modular CO2 collectors can be stacked to build machines of various sizes. Alternatively, the air-captured carbon dioxide can be upcycled into carbon-neutral fuels, paving the way towards a climate-positive world.

Be climate positive. Act now!







CarbonPlan is  a non-profit that analyzes climate solutions based on the best available science and data. Addressing the climate crisis requires action on several fronts. We need critical reductions in emissions. We also need large-scale deployment of carbon removal. Our solutions need to respect science and support just outcomes. And we no longer have time for approaches that don’t work.

CarbonPlan works collaboratively to build open tools and resources for the evaluation and deployment of robust climate programs. What is learnt is shared through public communication and collaboration with journalists. CarbonPlan helps organizations in the public and private sector make better decisions to advance their climate goals.