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Clipper introduces new punchy brew : Clipper Extra strong


Jun 1, 2017

“A punchy brew which is bold and intense. 

Our Extra Strong blend of quality black teas from East Africa, Assam and Sri Lanka is big, bright and flavoursome. “

Available on  www.clipper-teas.co.uk  

At Clipper we make it our mission to ensure that every cup of our tea is a fanfare of flavour. From selecting the best tea leaves from the finest tea gardens around the world, to perfecting a beautifully balanced blend, we pour everything into creating a delicious cup of tea that hits all the right notes. We know that to deliver ‘flavour that sings’ our cups of tea must appeal to all the senses.

Our Masters of Tea, Dan and James, have teamed up with Flavour Scientist Rachel Edwards-Stuart to reveal exactly why Clipper tea tastes so good.

The Colour of the cup of tea you are about to drink, the Taste, the Aroma and even the Sound in the background play a huge part in how we perceive flavours.

By Emily