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Communication and technology of GDPR

CIM is inviting businesses to an event at Tait Walker on 15 November specifically looking at the communication and technology aspect of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Kirsty Ramsey MCIM, who is organising the event, explained, “The introduction of GDPR in May 2018 is fast approaching it will fundamentally change the way we are allowed to market to customers, how a business can collect and hold data and how you communicate both internally and externally.”  She continued, “This event is the second in a series of three GDPR workshops, and will focus on communicating change to clients and suppliers with a more indepth look at layering technology”. GDPR Compliance Guru Steve Henderson from Communicator will take you through the key steps to take, how to get it right and he will discuss the practical changes that are needed using live examples of compliant businesses.

CIM is committed to working with organisations to ensure best data practice is embedded; to raise standards and help to rebuild customer trust. To do this, CIM has recently launched a campaign entitled Data Right – calling on businesses to be more responsible with the way they manage data, in order to improve the relationship between businesses and customers.

CIM’s Data Right pledge asks businesses to commit to do four key things:

The event, sponsored by Tait Walker LLP, is titled ‘Everything you need to know about communication and technology layering’ and is open to CIM members and non-members.

For more information or to book go to or call +44 (0)1628 427340 during office hours.

For more information on Data Right go to

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