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Comparison Between Ethereum and Bitcoin Gambling sites

ByDave Stopher

Nov 26, 2021

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are perfect partners for the online betting industry, as no one can argue with that fact. When it comes to everything from speedy processing payments to fair gameplay and a safe gaming atmosphere, crypto gambling sites lead the way. The majority of online casinos accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Ethereum, on the other hand, is seeing significant growth in use on many gambling sites.

When signing up for a traditional gambling site account, gamers must provide a great deal of personal information. On the other hand, to play at an Ethereum gambling site, you need only provide an email address. To access your account, you must first enter both your username and password. In addition, online gambling sites  give you the option of making payments in real-time. But what’s the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum gambling sites?

Size of Block

When evaluating ETC vs. BTC, you need to consider the block size of both currencies. It affects a number of factors, including the transaction cost and confirmation time. At the time of this writing, the Bitcoin network contains one-megabyte blocks.

However, disagreements arose, and Bitcoin Cash was created as a result. The fork will boost the block size from four to eight megabytes. BTC, on the other hand, kept its block size at one megabyte and implemented a soft fork called SegWit to increase the number of activities that a block can accommodate.

The Ethereum network has a block size restriction of 12.5 million gas per single block. However, this is a ten-million-person increase. The goal was to increase throughput while also lowering costs.

Fees for completing transactions


One of the most significant differences between bitcoin and ethereum is the number of transaction fees. Every Bitcoin transaction has a small fee attached to it, which goes to the network’s miners. When a transaction is verified, they put it in a block and track it for future reference.


The gas hypothesis is used by Ethereum, however, as part of the ETH pricing. The blockchain requires arithmetic work for interactions, and gas pays for that effort. Consider the transfer orders, for example. They’re easy to work with. Smart contract interactions, on the other hand, necessitate more gas. As a result, the price of an ETH transaction is determined by the transaction’s complexity as well as the cost of gas.

Expenses of Gambling

There are no fees associated with making a deposit or withdrawing funds at crypto casinos like Pokie Pop. However, blockchain fees must be paid. In that transaction, you’ll also have to pay the mining charge.

In addition, there is a cost for taking money out of your wallet. It is difficult to discover a crypto casino that charges more than the real-time blockchain fee. In contrast to the Bitcoin network, Ethereum charges a fee. Ethereum transactions may only cost a few cents, whereas Bitcoin transactions may cost ten or one hundred times as much. Blockchain protocol structure is critical.



When comparing the two cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is the clear winner. It takes about 16 seconds to confirm, compared to up to ten minutes for Bitcoin. Depositing money into a crypto site is a simple process. It takes about 30 seconds to open a new account. Naturally, your next step will be to cash out. If you choose to use ETH as your deposit method, you will be presented with a deposit address. The next step is to go to your Ethereum wallet, paste the deposit address, and send the number of Ethereums you wish to Cash-in in exchange for your Ethereums.

One confirmation is all you’ll need to fund your account at the best bitcoin casinos. As a result, Ethereum casinos allow you to start playing approximately 16 seconds after Bitcoin casinos.


Throughput of betting

Every game has a transaction, as a bettor should be aware. The blockchain transaction must be processed by the background system. As a result, a crypto gambling site with a large number of patrons and several games may face difficulties. This means that multiple transactions are taking place simultaneously on the blockchain network.

What happens if the network is congested and Bitcoin has a transaction limit of seven per second? It transports you back to 2017 when the average transaction on the network cost around $40. As a result, there is a charge associated with each transaction on the blockchain.

However, Ethereum makes use of a method known as Proof of Stake. As a result, a large number of transactions can be processed in a single second. Additionally, the consensus technique results in significantly lower execution costs.


Games of Chance


Microgaming and NetEnt provide the majority of the casino games found on crypto sites. They provide traditional casinos with online and offline services while also adhering to the rules and regulations set forth by the license holders. There are various games developed by blockchain developers available on crypto platforms. The phenomenon known as “Provably Fair” allows game makers to work with the blockchain to create new games. It ensures a level playing field for all players by ensuring that the results are generated at random and are free of bias.


Smart contracts 

Accepting stakes, creating results, and dispersing winnings are all done anonymously. To meet this demand, an element called a smart contract is required. It ensures that the Provably Fair games are completely honest. Ethereum’s blockchain relies heavily on smart contracts, however, this is not the case with Bitcoin. Smart contracts cannot be used on the Bitcoin network.



While both BTC and Eth are decentralized networks, there are some key differences between the two. To put it another way, no single person or entity has complete authority over the underlying infrastructure. You need a third party to play at an online gambling site. Because it acts as a go-between for a user and the casino games, it’s typically your host site.

Because of this, crypto gambling sites are the ones who collect and honor your wagers and payouts. Due to the use of smart contracts, a decentralized casino doesn’t require a middleman. Smart contracts do not apply to Bitcoins, as you now know. As a result, the Ethereum network is where the decentralized casino is located.



For online casinos, both bitcoin and Ethereum are excellent options. Payments are processed much more quickly when using one of these techniques rather than a more traditional one. Furthermore, the casino’s website does not require you to divulge any private information about yourself. Once it comes to online casinos, Ethereum, on the other hand, outperforms Bitcoin for various reasons. When ETH and BTC are compared, BTC transactions are more expensive, while ETH transactions are faster. Smart contracts, on the other hand, make it a better option for bettors.