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Courier Van Drivers warned of increased van theft and driving endorsements

New data from a leading comparison website has revealed that the run-up to Christmas, is seeing a sharp rise in demand for couriers insurance and courier drivers. In particular, van courier insurance and fleet van insurance. This is in keeping with an upward trend in this sector since the beginning of the lockdown. The only difference now is that the trend is still continuing after lockdown and is set to grow further in the new year. 

Eamonn Turley, founder of Multiquotetime  has advised delivery drivers to  take extra precautions after a rise of delivery van thefts in the UK. At this time of year, delivery drivers are under extra stress to make deliveries, but delivery drivers must also be extra vigilant and keep their vehicles secure at all times. 

It has been reported that some vans have been left unattended with the keys in the ignition. This is just asking for trouble, and your insurance company will most likely have a clause that excludes claims due to driver negligence. The number one example is  leaving the keys in the ignition of an unattended vehicle, even for a few minutes. Check your policy details and if you are a fleet manager, make sure that your courier drivers understand any insurance exclusions that exist in your fleet insurance policy.

Another increasing trend in the months leading up to Christmas is the number of speeding and drink driving offences. The speeding may be partly due to less traffic, giving drivers more opportunities to drive above than the actual speed limit. Unfortunately, drinking driving offence always increase in the weeks leading up to Christmas. 

Take note that the drivers of  delivery vans and cars that are caught speeding can  face 3 – 6 penalty points along with a SP10 endorsement.  Driving above the permitted alcohol level will result in a ban along with a DR10 Conviction. If you are a courier driver, never take any chances, as one mistake cane lead to you being convicted of a driving offence.

Have a driving  offence in the past 5 years will increase your courier  insurance policy, as all insurance providers will see this as an additional risk.  If you are a driver with points on your driving licence, Multiquotetime can help you find good deals for DR10 car insurance and other driver related convictions.

Multiquotetime provides a comparison service for courier  insurance, including quotes for courier vans, bikes and lorries. They can also provide quotes for couriers with driving convictions. The risk to insurance brokers is higher with delivery drivers, and this is reflected in higher premiums than standard business or social and domestic insurance policies. As such, it is more important to spend time finding a good comprehensive policy, at the right price.

Courier insurance is different to haulage insurance in that it is designed for vehicles that perform multiple pick-ups and drop-offs.  If your business has multiple vehicles, courier fleet insurance might be both a cheaper and more time efficient option.

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