There are 12 ways to communicate via LinkedIn. We can create a strategy for each one and after creating a set of rules, template messages and replies, your VA can help you maximize your LinkedIn network.

1. Intro Message When Inviting New Connections

LinkedIn users can only connect through Invitations. For two people to connect, one must invite the other and then the other must accept the Invitation. If the person being invited to connect is not already on LinkedIn, they’ll need to join in order to accept the Invitation. People you invite to connect will become your first degree connections. When inviting people to join your LinkedIn network, you can send a brief overview of the service you provide, this acts both as a reminder and mini-sales message.

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There are a number of ways of inviting people to connect on LinkedIn:

  1. One contact at a time by entering his or her name and email address using the Add Connections link on the home page.
  2. Search your web mail address book for contacts for people who are already on LinkedIn or invite others who haven’t yet joined.
  3. Upload a contacts file from an email application like Outlook, Apple Mail and others. File formats must be .csv, .txt, or .vcf.

Reconnect with colleagues or classmates who are already LinkedIn by using LinkedIn’s Colleague and Classmate reconnect features.

  1. Connect to past or current colleagues.
  2. Connect to past or current classmates.

2. Intro Message When Accepting Invitations To Connect

You will receive invitations from other to connect via LinkedIn. When you ‘Accept’ the invitations, take the opportunity to respond with a Thank you message and a mini-sales message. After you have accepted the invitation to connect and send the message, the message can be archived. you should used some software tools, if you want to download YT videos tutorial of this creative ways.

3. Sending a Direct Message to 1st Level Connections

You can direct message 1st level connections. These are people you know, or who are Open Net-workers. You can send them messages as you might through email. They can also be asked to make an introduction.

4.  Communicating with Fellow Group Members

Group one to one message should be on topics relevant to the group. Your membership in the group may be subject to compliance with group policies for using these messages.

Each member of a group can set preferences on how fellow group members can contact him/her. Since group members share a common purpose, most are usually open to interacting with fellow group members and allow their group members to contact one another without a referral. You can control this on a group by group basis from a ‘Settings’ page you have for each group.

5. Sending an InMail™

InMails are private messages that let you send business and career opportunities directly to any LinkedIn user. InMail is a brokered communication channel through which you can send business and career opportunities to LinkedIn users. You can contact users directly, but you will not see the name or contact information of recipients who are not in your network until they reply and approve your InMails.

The LinkedIn automation software is very helpful in generating the leads. They will help you in connecting with the right leads in the LinkedIn sales navigator. As compared with  the other social media platforms linkedIn is too limited in targeting. The automation software or tools are very helpful in getting that the limited target results.

InMail allows you to contact or be directly contacted by 2nd or 3rd degree contacts as well as LinkedIn users who are not in your network.

If a recipient is not in the sender’s network, the sender will not see the recipient’s name or contact information until the InMail has been accepted.

6. Sending an Open-Link Message

Open-Link messages can be sent to premium LinkedIn subscribers at no cost to the member sending them. The premium member must have their contact settings set to show that they are ‘open to accept Introductions, InMail and Open-link messages’. If a premium member is open to accepting Open-Link messages there will be a ‘Send InMail Free’ link in the upper right area of the member’s profile.

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7. Starting/Participate in Group Discussion

You can communicate information, schedules and share opinions and ideas with your group by using the Discussions feature. Each time you initiate a discussion or participate in a discussion in a group, you increase your exposure. Remember to create a captivating signature and tag line so others can quickly see what you do. These all are the effective ways for generating leads by using LinkedIn.