A leading North Yorkshire School has completed the build on four new classrooms for students to benefit from. The classrooms will be home to the school’s flourishing English and Drama department.

The completion of the classrooms is the first phase of the school’s 10-year development programme, of which the aim was to construct four new classrooms, with a view to providing a space that is functional, spacious, and in-keeping with a unique eco-based design that complements the rest of the surrounding Upper School.

Working with land, property and business consultancy George F. White, who are project managing Cundall Manor’s 10-year development plan from conception to completion, the school successfully secured planning permission from Harrogate Borough Council for the classrooms and George F. White appointed contractor Tom Willoughby, on behalf of the school, to construct the first phase on time and on budget.

Talking about the project, Hunter Hardy, Head of the Architectural Team at George F. White, said: “While the need for the classroom extension was immediate, the planning and architectural team wanted to understand how this fitted in with the school’s long-term aims and aspirations. As such, we have worked very closely with Cundall Manor to create a 10-year development plan, of which the first major phase – the four new classrooms – is completed. The build was a highly specific development that brought many responsibilities and faced key challenges so we are delighted with the result.”

The aim of Cundall Manor’s long-term development programme is to holistically plan for the growth and enhancement of the school’s facilities that will provide pupils and the wider community with quality resources and a highly productive learning environment.

Sir Thomas Ingilby, Chair of Governors at Cundall Manor School, said: “The build of the new classrooms is a huge investment for our pupils, to provide them with the very best of facilities both now, and in the future. It is also testament to the dedication of our governors and staff, who have worked tirelessly to get our development programme off to a great start with the new learning facilities.”

To find out more about the school, call 01423 360 200 or visit our website www.cundallmanorschool.com