When Blackhill’s Barry Murphy took the decision in May 2017 to join the local Slimming World group he had no idea that he would go on to lose 4 stone 5.5 pounds and be crowned biggest loser in March 2018 with the biggest weight loss of the group and then to go on to become Man of the Year for 2018.

Barry said “I didn’t know what to expect and to sit with a group of complete strangers was daunting. But I could not have been more wrong. The group is friendly and inspirational. The members of the group work as a team. We all share recipe ideas and everybody motivates each other to keep going on their weight loss journeys”.

A keen rugby player, Barry was aware that his weight was creeping up but remained in denial for some time. After seeing a photograph of himself he was compelled to start making some changes in his life.

This Father’s Day Barry will be taking stock on how far he’s come. He added “I took the decision to lose weight and start making healthy choices about my diet and exercise to make sure I’m fit and healthy so I could have a better quality of life with my wife and son, now and in the future. Joining Slimming World was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s changed how I feel about myself. If you’re thinking of joining a group, don’t hesitate! Because if I can, you can.”

Blackhill Slimming World consultant, Maxine Johnston took great pride in presenting Barry with his certificate saying “He is a true inspiration to all our members. He takes pride in his weight loss and goes out of his way to help other members in the group. To lose 4 stone 5 and a half pounds does not happen by accident. Barry has invested his time and efforts in doing this and should be very proud of himself. Our group runs on a Saturday morning at 09.30 at St Mary’s Church Hall. I really recommend that people come along and meet the people in our group like Barry. They will not fail to be inspired and motivated.”