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Darlington College receives top marks in survey of students

HIGHER education students have poured praise on their college in a national survey designed to assess the learning experience.

Darlington College has received top marks in a host of areas in the 2020 National Students Survey for HE despite the final term being delivered remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Final year learners were contacted directly and responses returned anonymously in an annual survey known for its honest portrayal of college life.

The survey revealed:

  • 97 per cent agreed their course challenged them to achieve their best
  • 93 per cent agreed the course was intellectually stimulating
  • 93 per cent agreed staff were good at explaining
  • 93 per cent agreed staff valued students’ opinions
  • 93 per cent agreed the course provided them with the opportunity to bring together information and ideas
  • 90 per cent agreed that marking criteria were made clear in advance.

Darlington College offers a variety of higher education courses to hundreds of students, across a range of ages, including teacher training, computing, business management, public services, early years provision and working with children and young people.

Assistant principal Mike Chapman was delighted with the survey results. He said: “These results demonstrate that our students feel really positive about the provision we offer them.

“You have to be doing exceptionally for it to reflect this well in the data and this shows just how much work has been put in by our programme leaders, particularly during the pandemic when study had to move online.”

He said he was also pleased with course results which demonstrated a high level of student engagement during the term affected by COVID-19.

“We were able to move from face-to-face teaching to online learning in the space of a day because we had invested in technology and staff were comfortable using it,” Mr Chapman said.

“Because of this smooth transition students didn’t lose anything along the way and received all the support they needed.”

For more information on opportunities at Darlington College visit www.darlington.ac.uk.

By French

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