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Dice Rolling Strategies Guaranteed to Win on Your Next Roll

ByDave Stopher

Aug 27, 2021

In this blog post, we will be talking about dice rolling strategies to help you win your next roll. Professional players use many tips and tricks to get the best possible outcome on their turn.

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So if you’re looking for a few pointers or enjoy learning about interesting ways to play games, then this is the blog post for you!

-Tip One: There is no such thing as a dice roll that can’t be influenced or has an equal chance of coming up. This means you must always remember what was rolled last and adjust your strategy accordingly to improve future rolls.

So if, for example, the current total on the die is three, then two consecutive presses will likely result in at least four points (six or more is possible). In this way, you can keep score on separate dice while rolling them simultaneously, which gives both players less time to think about their next move.

-Tip Two: If you want one particular number from multiple options, it’s best not to go with just one die but instead use two different combinations — when using only single dice, the other player has a better chance of predicting your next move and potentially manipulating it.

For example, if you want to roll two fours, instead of rolling just one die for four points twice in a row, use two separate dice — with this strategy, there is no way that someone can be sure what point you will end up on after the turn.

-Tip Three: When deciding which number to aim for when using more than one dice, try creating a lopsided scoreline (e.g., eight on six) as this will force players into making difficult decisions about their rolls afterward – they might think once before then continuing or taking risks by risking everything now while hoping for higher numbers later down the line!

-Tip Four: These dice rolling tips can be used to win any game that relies on dice as the core mechanic.

So, for example, if you’re playing a board game with other players, then an advantage of this strategy is that it’s not just limited to one player making all the decisions. Instead, multiple people have to adjust their tactics to cope with what has previously been rolled.

-Tip Five: A smart way of thinking about dice rolling strategy is to think not just in terms of the numbers but also what possible points a player could earn on their next roll.

By considering this, you’re able to play smarter and more strategically by, for example, taking risks that may lead to large point totals or playing defensively, which might mean aiming for smaller total values (but are less likely to be wasted).

-Tip Six: One dice strategy, which many people use is known as ‘the gambler’. The player who uses this technique aims for high-risk totals while hoping that each successive roll will add up quicker (in comparison) so that their potential score surpasses those from other players.

This means, however, that the player is taking several risks that could lead to them losing more points than they would otherwise.

-Tip Seven: The ‘doubles’ strategy is also one which many people use, and it’s especially effective when you’re playing against someone who isn’t too familiar with dice rolling – this can be used as both an offensive or defensive tactic depending on what your opponent does.

With doubles, the user aims for pairs to increase their odds of getting double sixes at some point during play. This means not only will they score higher but so will other players if they are focusing on scoring high totals instead!

Now, you can roll dice online as well! It is just one click away.