If you look around you will come across diamonds of different colors in the market. Hence it is but natural for you to get confused when it comes to making the right choice. You also would like to have some reliable and correct information about the difference between different colors of diamonds. Of late there is a big demand for chocolate diamonds but we often come across brown diamonds which are passed off as the chocolate variants. Hence, let us try and find out the differences between the two for the benefit of our readers.

Brown Diamonds – How Are They Made

When you are buying original brown diamonds then you must look for the ones which are found beneath the surface of the earth. They are similar to the white or colorless diamonds and the high pressure that they are subjected to makes them what they are. They will have to be cut and polished as the white diamonds. However, customers need to be aware that there are cheap imitations of the original brown or chocolate diamonds. These are lab created and therefore they are less expensive. While it might suit those who are looking.

Can Brown Diamonds Be Fake?

Well, as with any other kind of diamond, they can be lab created. Of course, the brown diamonds that are lab created are much less expensive. You can always check james allen’s website for this kind of diamond and if you are after a review then check these james allen reviews before you buy. That makes it great for those who are looking for a brown diamond on a lower budget. However, if you want a natural brown diamond you will get the price of one. 3mm tennis chain also showcases a delicate box chain embellished with dozens of shimmering white stones.

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What Makes A Chocolate Color Better?

As mentioned above, a chocolate diamond is a brown diamond. There is a slight difference though. There are many different colors of diamonds that are naturally occurring. A chocolate brown diamond is a shade of brown with a grade above Z. What does this grade mean? Well, it is a grading system by the Gemological Institute of America.

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What Is The Gemological Institute of America?

The Gemological Institute of America is an institution that has created a grading scale for diamonds. That is not all that they have done, but for relevance to the question that is why they are pertinent. They have a color range from brightness to darkness and with D being the least all the way to Z.

Brown diamonds that fit the chocolate diamond category are the ones that are the darkest. With all different shades and variances of brown the chocolate diamond is at the top of the list. If one is shopping for a lighter colored diamond they would look for a brown diamond with a lesser grade than the chocolate. Designer Four Prong Pave Set Round Diamonds Engagement Ring with a 1.5 Carat Brown Diamond Heirloom Quality Center

Why Aren’t Brown Diamonds White?

A lot of people tend to think that diamonds are supposed to be white. Well, not all diamonds are white. In fact, a lot of diamonds are actually colored. Did you know that a large percent of diamonds that are naturally occurring are brown diamonds? Well, they indeed are! Brown diamonds are unique in themselves.

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Have Brown Diamonds Always Been Popular?

Brown diamonds have certainly made a comeback. They have never really been a diamond of choice. With more and more marketing brown diamonds have become bought more. In fact, brown diamonds are becoming sold very frequently over white diamonds. Although, white diamonds are in a lot of jewelry and are still the leading diamond of choice.

Brown diamonds have not always been popular. A lot of people could not even tell if the brown diamond were a gem or a diamond. With all of the available technology available today jewelers can make precision cuts that make brown diamonds desired and wanted even more than white diamonds for some people.

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What About Clarity?

Clarity is very important when shopping for a diamond. That even includes a colored diamond such as brown or chocolate diamonds. It is important to check for clarity when purchasing a diamond, no matter what color. Remember the better the clarity the more worth a diamond has.

Now that all of the differences of brown and chocolate diamonds have been made, hopefully, you have a better understanding. This YouTube video has a ton of information too.