Men have always been very concerned about their body especially when it comes to their sex organ –the penis. It is undeniably a very important yet highly functioning organ of a men’s body while getting into sexual intercourse with the female partner. From the first time you notice a change in your penis appearance to the time it stops its natural growth, a penis undeniably undergoes many changes and variation as a result of different physical and hormonal effects that normally occurs during the puberty period.

 Every man differs with his penis appearance due to several factors that may include genetic heredity, environmental factor, Hormone secretion, activities, etc. Therefore, you can see the different sizes of penises in two men of the same breed because of the dissimilarities they are accounted for. However, penis size is today the most debatable topic among men and accompanied by numerous issues that can stress out man for few reasons. Although the penis size has nothing to your fertility rate and over-all health; yet, it still lies under one of the most important concerns that you must give enough attention to when looking for pleasurable sex ahead.

 Having the wrong or reduced penis size has today become a very prevalent cause of worry in men especially when they wish to not leave any lack from their end and satisfy their partner. Thus, they are always in pursuit of reliable, effective, and painless methods to get them a normal penis size. Besides the extremely painful and relatively unguaranteed ways like surgeries, supplements, and penile traction device results, many men prefer treating this issue by doing penis stretching exercises at home by themselves.

 Penis stretching exercises like jelqing refer to doing movements or actions by your hand that help you increase the length and girth of your penis. It is easy, free, and painless if done gently. However, there has yet been no evidence that can prove if these exercises are of any use or cause you any desired difference in the length of your penis size. Although there is very limited penis stretching techniques and exercises that you can do manually with the independence of any external equipment or device. Also, the area around your penis and the penis itself is composed of very thin sensitive skin that is most likely to get rupture or disfigurement if done harshly. However, to avoid all these risks, Jes extender comes to your rescue to offer you a safe, convenient, and painless method to get the desired size of your penis with minimal use. Since the penis is not a muscle but a complete organ; thus, exercises seem of no help there. In contrast, penile traction devices like Jes extender show maximum positive results to take care of your penis and not disturb its elasticity to extend its length.

 Lastly, it’s always a better option to start with a few tries or watch few tutorials of how devices like the Jes extender work to grant you a pleasant sex experience every time you get on the bed with your partner. Take your decision before it gets too late and you miss all the opportunities to revive your penis length that is nearly 9.16 cm or 3.61 inches when flaccid and 13.12 cm or 5.17 inches when erect on average.