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Dress her like the sleeping beauty

ByDave Stopher

Jul 12, 2021

You might wonder why almost every little girl loves those princess movies and why they insist so hard on dressing like a princess.

Every little girl loves wearing those baby girl dresses that make them look like one of those princesses in the movies. The princess phase is an important stage in every little girl’s life. It is a time when the little girls still do not understand much about the real world, because they still live in their own magical world. They live in the princess world. They want to dress in princess dresses, to have princess things, like a princess shampoo and shoes. They live in their own imaginary and magnificent world, where they are the main character, the hero, and not someone else.

The princess movies shield little children from the real world. They inspire little girls. Those princesses symbolize freedom and power. Those princesses fight for what they want and for what their heart desires, they send a message to all the girls around the world, that they can become whatever they want and that even if they do not have an enormous castle or a crown, they can still be a princess on the inside. Being a princess is not just about how much money you have or how many people you rule, it is about who you are, about being there for your friends and treating people with kindness and love. 

Also, in every princess movie, the good wins. Even in the Sleeping Beauty. After Aurora’s parents tried to protect her by throwing away all the spinning wheels, locked her up and even then, Aurora pricked her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel. But Aurora’s true love found her and saved her and the good won once again. This is why little girls like to wear baby girl dresses, because for them it means that they are a princess too and that the good would win and that they would have a happy ending too, just like in the movies. 

They also like dressing like princesses, because like every person in the world, they also have an idol. Someone they look up to and think about what this person would do, if they were in a certain difficult situation. They have this inner wish to become their idol when they grow up. This is like their dream job, even though it is not something that is actually real. 

Women like dressing up and buying new clothes. When we wear something new, we feel somehow different, more special and unique. It is the same with little girls. When they wear their baby girl dresses, they also feel different and unique. 

Furthermore, every mother likes taking pictures of their children. If you buy your girl a princess dress and when she grows older, you would look at the pictures and think about how cute she looked in the baby girl dress and how much she loved wearing it. It would bring back memories and it would make you smile. 

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