1.Himalayan Salt Shots 4 Pack £25.00 from Root7.com

Pure Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, leaving the taste of pure salt in every shot.

2.  Half Pint Glass £8.99 from The Fowndry

Keep your bravado whilst actually drinking a half.

3. Diamond Glass Set of 2, £9.99 from The Hut

Shine bright like a diamond, look like the real deal.

4. Matterhorn Glass £24.99 from The Fowndry

Crafted from premium quality crystal, this dazzling tumbler features a solid, scale replica of the iconic Mount Matterhorn rising from the centre of the glass. 

5. Das Horn £21.99 from The Fowndry

Fed up of glass? Then drink like a Viking, no thunderclaps included.

6. Geo Glass from £12.00 from Root7.com

Drink up in real Gatsby style.

7. Original Stormtrooper Glass £11.99 from The Fowndry

For Star Wars lovers, a stormtrooper in a glass

8. Pint-O-Wine Glass £9.99 from IWOOT

Fed up of measly 125ml, 175ml or 250ml measures, then you’ll need this.

9. Bottomless Bubbles £9.99 from Firebox

Keep the fizz going, just slot into a bottle of bubbles and you are on your way, literally.

10.G & Tea Set £30 from Root7.com

Elegantly  delightful and a masterpiece, centrepiece to get you royally…