Newcastle University Postgraduate and High Force Research Business Development Executive, Jennifer Wallis, is celebrating having successfully completed her chemistry Engineering Doctorate Degree (EngD) and prompted new product launches in her first year with the Durham-based chemical research firm.

Jenny who previously studied a chemistry degree and MPhil at Newcastle University, completed her EngD after four years studying the synthesis of fluorescent dyes for use as imaging agents. The imaging agents have potential applications in helping to identify cancer cells. Her research, undertaken with EngD supervisor Dr Lee J. Higham of the School of Chemistry, was co-funded through the EPSRC EngD programme and Durham-based High Force Research.

The chemistry postgraduate, who also co-owns The Manor House Inn in Shotley Bridge, joined High Force Research as a Business Development Executive in February 2017. During Jenny’s first year with the company she has been instrumental in supporting the leading North East-based chemical research and development company to expand its business development efforts, including efforts to expand into the North American market and launch new imaging products directly linked to her area of research.

Commenting on the news, Jenny said: “It’s been quite a year! I’m delighted to have completed my EngD – it’s such a relief after the last few months of juggling work and finalising my thesis. I was very lucky to receive funding from High Force Research to support my EngD, which they co-funded alongside the EPSRC EngD programme.

“Without their support I would never have been able to complete my research or had the opportunity to join Stella and the team at High Force Research. It’s a really exciting time for the firm and having the ability to directly contribute to its business development efforts and sustained business growth is a real thrill.”

High Force Research’s Head of Business Development, Stella James, said: “We’re delighted that Jenny has completed her EngD – it’s a true testament to her skill as a chemist and ability to multi-task!  Jenny recently joined our Business Development team and has been invaluable in supporting our recent business growth over recent months – not least in helping to drive forwards our new product development.”

Founded nearly three decades ago, High Force Research is one of the UK’s longest established chemical research companies. The company is expert in developing and scaling up complex syntheses of molecules used by researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and chemical sectors. Located in the heart of the North East chemical research industry, High Force Research recently announced it is setting its sights on the North American market as well as expanding its services with the addition of Orphan Drug Manufacture, Diagnostics and Imaging.