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Dusha’s enjoying being back in Surrey

British_Basketball_League_(emblem)When Elvisi Dusha was offered a chance to play abroad earlier this season, Surrey Scorchers reluctantly let him go, knowing playing in mainland Europe was one of the point-guard’s ambitions.

But just a few weeks later, Dusha was back in Surrey with the Scorchers, who did not hesitate in welcoming him back after he decided to return home.

“Germany was an interesting experience of European basketball for me, however it just wasn’t as I expected,” he admitted.

Dusha believes the best option in the immediate future would be to work on his game in the BBL and that Surrey coach Creon Raftopoulos is the right person to help him.

“I have known coach for a while and from day one I have respected Creon and thought highly of him and his coaching,” said Dusha.

“He really cares about the development of his players and knows what it takes to win.

“He has a great understanding of the game and is really increasing my knowledge.

“I will always have respect for him as he’s true to his word and a great role model.”

The Scorchers didn’t win a game while Dusha was away and he partly blames himself for those defeats.

“When they had the two losses while I was gone, I felt that I could have helped win both games as they needed a point guard and it was my chance.”

Dusha doesn’t regret the decision to try his luck abroad as he feels it was a good learning experience for the future, but he’s now determined to regain the form he was showing for the Scorchers before his departure.

“Before I left, I was really playing well and delivering for the team, and had a big impact.”

He added, “Since returning, I feel that I have not been that effective the last three games, but it’s a long season and I am never giving up.”

The Scorchers have dropped their last two games and even though they are not in action this coming weekend, they are using the time to work on getting ready for London Lions next week.

“Losing has been difficult, especially as everyone on the team hates losing,” Dusha said.

“I think we have to pick it up defensively and it starts with me and we have to better job on winning the rebounding battle.

“We have a coach that knows how to win and we all want to win.”

He added, “Training sessions have really picked up and the intensity has been high; we just need to show that intensity during the game.”


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