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Easy Blues Guitar Songs For Beginners

Learning how to play the guitar can be fun or a nightmare altogether. It all depends on the choices you make right from the beginning. Having a good experience when starting will make you love playing, not just a guitar but also musical instruments. According to experts, the kind of music style you choose to begin with will determine the type of experience you will have as a beginner guitarist.

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You must also have heard about the beginners should not try the songs with the high nodes and should try with the blue songs. Here, we will give you some of the easy blue songs that guitar legends believe are ideal for guitar starters like you. But first, let us find out the reasons why specialists recommend blue songs over other music styles. 

Why Blues Music For Beginners?

Guitar experts believe that learning two to three easy blues is a sure way of becoming a master guitar player. That is because blues music is known to be a foundational genre for guitar music. It is prevalent to find traces of blues in almost all new styles of music we have today. A good example is rock and roll, hip hop, and pop music.

The blues covers a different number of sounds. However, it is the most straightforward and straightforward genre which uses only a small amount of chords in the purest form. It will be easy for you to play a wide range of keys when you have the basics of blues. That equips you with the tools of improvisation and soloing and closed and open chord shapes. That is what will also help build your timing, rhythm, and song structure.

Most blues music is easy to play even by someone who has little or no knowledge of a guitar. It is the reason why using blues songs to learn on guitar is highly recommended. However, this does not rule out that one may face some challenges, including an intermediate guitar player.

Perfecting in easy blues guitar prepares you to play in many other genres. You can easily branch out into other areas such as rock, bluegrass, country, and jazz. That is because, at this point, you will have familiarity with D chord and must have D Chord Guitar as well as standard song structure.

There are many blues songs recommended for beginner guitarists. All of them are top-rated songs and ideal for starters. However, in this article, we will only look at a few of these blue songs and their authors to help you start.

30 Best Blues Songs Recommended For Beginner Guitarists

  1. No Body Knows When You’re Down And Out – By Eric Clapton
  2. Sweet Home Chicago – By Robert Johnson
  3. Kind Hearted Woman Blues –By Robert Johnson
  4. Born Under A Bard Sign – By Albert King
  5. Before You Accuse Me – By Bo Diddley
  6. Look At Little Sister – By Hank Ballard
  7. I Can’t Quit You Baby – By Led Zeppelin
  8. Boom Boom – By John Lee Hooker
  9. Baby What You Want Me To Do – By Jimmy Reed
  10. Folsom Prison Blues –Johnny Cash
  11. I’m Your Fool – By The Rolling Stones
  12. All You Love – By The Blues Breakers
  13. Ice Cream Many – By Van Halen
  14. Call it Stormy Monday – By T-Bone Walker
  15. Take Out Some Insurance – J.J. Cale
  16. Mean Woman Blues – By Roy Orbison
  17. Got My Mojo Working – By Muddy Waters
  18. Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues – By Buddy Guy
  19. Blues Stay Away From Me – By John C. Reilly
  20. Things that I used to To Do – By Guitar Slim
  21. Boogie Chillun – By John Lee Hooker
  22. Key to the Highway – By Eric Clapton
  23. House of the Rising Sun – By Lead Belly
  24. People Get Ready – The Impressions
  25. The Sky is Crying – By Stevie Ray Vaughan
  26. Every Day I Have The Blues – By B.B. King
  27. Come On In My Kitchen – By Robert Johnson
  28. I’ll Play The Blues For You – By Albert King
  29. Ramblin On My Mind – By Robert Johnson
  30. Pride and Joy – By Stevie Ray Vaughan


Most blue guitar songs recommended for beginners above are from some legendary musicians of all time, and we have many more. So, if you are looking forward to being part of the traditional blues legends, you need to ensure that you use any of the above to learn and gain confidence. Within no time, you will be a master in this genre.

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