Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.55.53Wind farm operator EDF Energy Renewables has helped a local school launch a new club that allows budding writers to showcase their talents.

Badger Hill Primary School in Brotton has set up a journalism club to give youngsters the chance to explore creative writing and literacy outside of the classroom. The aim is to offer learning opportunities that will build on and develop the students’ skills and knowledge gained in everyday lessons.

EDF Energy Renewables, which owns and operates the Teesside offshore wind farm off the coast of Redcar, is supporting the project with a £1,000 grant from its community benefit fund. The money has funded the purchase of six mini iPads, which will allow students to test their journalistic skills using the latest technology.

Claire Easby, Badger Hill Primary School teacher who founded the journalism club, said: “We’re extremly grateful to EDF Energy Renewables for this generous donation. Schools run on a tight budget and we couldn’t afford to fund this new equipment.

“Ipad minis are a vital resource for our after-school journalism club. They are child-friendly, easy to use and give students the chance to use cutting-edge technology that they wouldn’t normally have access to in their everyday lessons.

“The idea is to provide a forum for the children to to write about events that are happening in school and the local community. We intend to use the best articles in our school newspaper.”

James Wilson, Operations Engineer for the wind farm at EDF Energy Renewables, said:  “We are always happy to support causes that provide a benefit to the local community and the journalism club certainly falls into that category. It will enrich the learning of more than 50 students and give them vital skills that will help them in their later life.”

EDF Energy Renewables launched the Teesside Offshore Community Benefit Fund in 2013 in partnership with the Tees Valley Community Foundation. Through the scheme, which has supported more than 40 local causes, community groups on Teesside are eligible to apply for financial support for projects, activities and events that benefit local people.